The red loot drop rate is too low (or it might just Ranalds hates me)

So, how about make an orange dusts could be transfer into the red dust?
Like about 50? orange to make 1 red dust.
Or any material that keep piling.


Are you playing legend? The drop rates for Emp Vaults are around ~20%. I don’t see any issue with converting Orange dust to red, might have to be a bit higher though. Pretty sure I have hundreds of the stuff, then again, I’m sitting on 100+ red dust and I haven’t opened any vaults in months. For newer players 50 dust might be ok.

I’m playing on legend or cata. And oftenly gets an emp vault. But it usually gives me a blues or even green! I hate Ranalds more than the forces of Chaos.

This is probably just placebo / anecdotal. But I always wait until I have at least like 20 to 30 chests, and then open them on a Hero that I’m trying to get a specific red weapon on. Always get a few reds when open in mass

I don’t disagree however… I see no reason the red drop rate could be bumped up a bit. The game is pretty stingy imo

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I have been playing quite a bit lately and noticed, that I literally can’t get more than 3 red items per week. They drop all in a single day back to back and then I am left with the rest of my boxes giving me mundane loot only.

How many hours do you have on the game?
I am nowhere near to your amount of red dust, and I doubt the average player is, so I’m not sure the conversion rate should be balanced by your example.

He seems to be supporting what OP suggested. 50 orange for 1 red. That shouldn’t be any problem no matter if you play champ of leg.

On a side note, I would say the 20% drop rate for reds is a bit exaggerated though :slight_smile:


just opened around 60 leg emp and around 70 of the … forgot the name … premium? valuable? … any way, 3 reds, all of them jewelry. In the past I complained a lot about the “random” system, but it’s kind of meaningless, they are proud of their bell curve. Sadly I’m on the wrong side, at August with 1150 hours I was still under the 50% of red/textures/models, but a friend of mine got everything around 600/700 hrs (no he didn’t start legend earlier than me).
Converting orange to red would be nice. Or any of the other useless materials.

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Ah I see.
And yeah, it’s probably even lower than 20% :slight_smile:

@azaroth75 Man, that just sucks.

Around 2,000 hours. Like I said, 50 dust might be just right for newer players. I can’t really say as I haven’t opened vaults in ages.

Legend Emp Vaults are around ~20%. I’ve tested it a few times now as have others by opening by batches of 100-200 at a time. Each time, I’m anywhere from the low end of 18% all the way to the highest of 24%.

I’m also around 2000+ hours and I’ve got almost every red weapon. The problem is that most of them I’ve had to craft myself using unneeded jewelry/duplicates and purple illusions. 20% seems right in my experience . The problem is that there is no weight-system that favors un-owned items, so it’s more likely you’ll get duplicates/jewelry the more red items you own, and then you’re crafting stuff yourself at a 5/1 ratio which is pretty annoying/tedious, never-mind all the other useless gear you have to scrap. I’m sitting on like 100 General’s vaults and 75 Emperor vaults because scrapping gear in hopes of getting the few weapons I don’t have feels tedious. I’m also sitting on 1000+ of all the dust/crafting-components because that system is also poorly designed and becomes obsolete if you play the game enough.

Allowing x-amount of orange dust to be converted to red dust seems fair. 50 seems a bit low to me, maybe like 100.

Orange dust converted to red dust would be nice. Would slightly help when it comes to a resource sink.

Still wish we had something repeatable we can use crafting materials to make that impacts the game beyond items / skins. Crafting Deeds or upgrading Deeds / enhancing them with Winds… idk…

edit: though that would split the player base up a bit more so I’m not sure.

lucky you