Bad trend with having to craft red DLC weapons

DLC weapons can’t come out of boxes and so the only option is to craft them. Forcing players to craft these items by destroying 5 other reds every time a new DLC comes out isn’t enjoyable. It’s also not like once you craft it, it becomes available in boxes. Or just buying the DLC makes it available in boxes. So if you want more than one red, you’d have to destroy another 5 red items from boxes.

If a DLC drops like some from the past where 5 new items come out, then that means you’d have to get and destroy 25 red items just to forge the DLC weapons. That’s nuts. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to be a player who is newer to the game or doesn’t have a ton of time in the game.


This is an issue I also always wanted to point out. Many thank you for your posting.

It would be nice if we could turn orange dust into red dust. Maybe 50 Orange -> 1 Red.


Please dear god yes.