Red dlc random drop

Correct me if I am mistaken, but red dlc weapons are still not added to random loot, right?

If not, I feel it’s important to discuss and shed some light on this issue. New players are already being gatekept hard because of the initial power level / level grind. Having to get 5 red weapons per dlc weapon is complete overkill, now that they are starting to close into a good 30% of the total weapon pool.


Fully agreed. Nothing has highlighted quite how stingy and bad the 5 red dust system is like the influx of DLC weapons. Guess I gotta stop playing Cata and go back to grinding full books legend so I can have a red coghammer and MW pistol.

Really gets me thrilled to play the game :man_facepalming:


Well, would be great to know whether its even possible to add new stuff to the loot table of the chests, but I agree hat owning the relevant DLC should add the relevant wepaons to the chests.

On the other hand, with max power level Legend is fairly easy to beat (well depending on the map and the class you want to roll), and if you play regulary and wanna do the “end game content” then getting full red gear shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Now, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s also not that hard, just you wait when you start getting the 628th Charm/Trinket/Necklace…

I personally wish Cata runs gave red dust on completion. I have hundreds of unopened vaults and something like 100 red dust in the bank, but that’s after like 2k hours. Some of my friends have been complaining about getting reds, so I don’t see why not.


I’m complaining too. Sometimes it happens that only 3-5 red items drop out from 100 Emperor’s Vaults. Not fun!

And I’ve never got 3 red items in one loot box all the time!

Besides, I really need red items and dust to improve my Collection.

That’s extremely unlucky… emperor vaults have ~20% drop rate. I’ve never got 3 in one either in 2k hours :joy: don’t feel too bad

No one said it was hard, but it’s extremely time consuming. Imagine picking up vermitide 2 today, wanting to play with your buddy in cata. You are looking at hundreds of hours of grind, which is only going to get worse as more dlc weapons are added.


A bit of an overstatement. It takes about 30 hours to level your first hero to max level and hero power. By that time there should be a good supply of emp chests and vaults, which, if saved until then, will give you a couple of reds. With those its more than reasonable to play Cata and supply yourself with what you get there. Did that journey two times with a newcomer each so far (and wont do it ever again).

30+ Hours is still a lot of time, its just not anywhere near of hundreds.

An easy fix everyone that played VTEndTimes already suggested is a bounty board that awards a different red item each week. Wouldnt have to be amazingly difficult neither. Redoing Map challenges, or something like that.

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Oh maybe if you perfectly power grind sure. Personally I’m well over 800 hours and still missing plenty of reds, and don’t have a red dust surplus at all. Sure, I guess that’s kinda my fault for not really concerning myself with optimal grinding for most of the game. Y’know, cause if I had done that I would have dropped the game hard a long ass time ago.

You can’t tell me you don’t think this game is absolutely stingy right? 5 red dust for a red with no illusion? That’s actually just a spit in the face as far as I’m concerned. This game gives absolutely no regard for player time, and the red grind is one of the worst offenders by far. God forbid if you’re any kind completionist or care about red illusions cause RIP your sanity if so.

I just think it’s all a giant load of BS that brings literally nothing positive to the game. Nobody who plays this game long term does it for the loot grind. It’s always in spite of it.


I dont care much about the red Illusions. Its probably taxing if you do. Iam pretty sure I miss quite a couple.

The only grind that still makes me mad is the one that is required to level up heroes and to get to max hero power the first time. The rest just automatically came my way while playing.

A Bounty Board like solution which grants you a VetWeapon, including its Illusion, per week, would help with that process, especially if RedDust would be rewarded for other quests on the Board. But as I already mentioned, a Bounty Board like element got requested for aslong as this game is alive and never implemented.

Still hold faint hopes they release Athanor like weapons for the normal game. Hopefully via FLC Challenges that make this Forum, Reddit and Steam light up like a Christmas tree, because they are hard as Saltz faith in Sigmar for the ordinary player.

I got all my characters fully red geared in like my first 300 ish hours, considering that the leveling and learning to prggress to legend took about 100 hours alone I’d say thats not that much but to each their own. At least it enforces people to take books for better chance at reds.

And that’s a complete understatement. Consider leveling all characters to 35, because most people want the flexbility of swapping characters. That’s 120 hours+ according to you.

Let us assume the average legend run is 30 minutes, due to wipes, searching, slow runs etc. Let us also assume that the player does not always receive an emperor chest, we can therefore reduce the average red drop chance to let’ say… 17%. So now we are closing in on 4 hours per red item.

In other words, leveling all careers and getting for example 4 red dlc weapons will take someone 200 hours. That is absolutely absurd.

Sorry to burst you bubble, but the average person does not have such empty lives that they can throw away 300 hours to grind. Hence why the playerbase is so small in the upper difficulties.

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Most people don’t even max all of their characters, they pick 1-2 and main them, making gearing even faster, and 300 hours is not that much in this game to be fair.
Gearing takes time, that’s no surprise in most games that’s the hard part, not he leveling.
Plus if you get better at the game you will die/wipe less, thus improving you chances at getting better loot. If you want to gear faster run specific maps on legend you can beat consistently with all books , a good example is Halescourge, rather short, easy boss fight, guaranteed emperor’s vault most of the time due to the extra loot dice and the fact that its a Lord map.

Gee, I wonder what the reason for this could be? Surely, it’s not because the time investment is long. Connect the dots.

Again, you are telling new players to spend hundreds of hours spamming the same map. It’s idiotic and a horrible selling point to bring new players into the game.

Why are people so adamant in defending this “feature”? Repeating a monotonous task is not a great achievement, unless you have literally nothing going on in your life.


I do think the red dust system is not great, especially because it does not even give an illusion linked to it.
But diluting the loot table, is, for me, not something great either. (As if you chase a specific red weapon, you now have less chance to actually get it if we apply this system)
I’m mostly looking forward the crafting 2.0 to solve the issue.


This is correct. I believe the reason why they are not added to the chests is because they are tied to DLC and therefore cannot be added to the loot pool.

In V1, we had a dice table with loot and the ONLY way to get DLC weapons was to play that particular DLC map. In other words, if you wanted to get the Falchion or the Warpick, you had to play Karak Azgaraz and pray for that weapon to not only be on the table but that you rolled the correct number to get that weapon.

In V2, we get the blueprints allowing us to remove the RNG from obtaining that weapon and craft it ourselves. This is definitely way better as it took me AGES to get the Executioner Sword from replaying The Courier over and over.

In other words, it’s probably not possible for the DLC weapons to be added to the mission reward chests since they are tied to the DLC each person has to buy in order to obtain them.

I’m sure if there was a way to add DLC weapons to the normal loot pool without breaking the game for those who don’t own the DLC, Fatshark would have done it. I think it’s just not feasibly possible considering how DLC weapons were also handled in the original vermintide.

FYI, it took me 37 runs on The Courier to get a green Executioner Sword and another 19 to get the red one from a perfect roll. There is no red weapon crafting in V1 so you actually had to play Nightmare and Cataclysm.

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Okay. That’s how far I got with the smileyface.
If you want end-game gear, you gotta work (or in other words invest time and effort)for it, I don’t know what’s so surprising in this in 2020.
That’s what farming means: Doing certain (usually similar) tasks repeatedly to achieve something: in this case, red gear.
Sure, let’s give everyone full read gear the moment they hit level cap, because there aren’t enough clueless people in Legend/Cata lobbies already…
Legend can be beaten with relative ease with Exotic (Orange) gear and that is very easy to get at that point too. If you really like the game then 300 hours is NOTHING, and no, you don’t have to play it 24/7.
The game can be enjoyed on Legend with Exotic gear just as much on Cata with full Veteran on.

Hot take:
As a guy who played from launch, I feel its important that as many people as possible will go trough the PAIN OF PERFECTROLLING. For it never happen again.

Nobody gatekeeping you from anything. ~2% do not make a game. Perfect build is not needed until Cataclysm, and even then it won’t save you if you make mistakes regularly.


Red weapons are not essential to play the game most of the time. Most % from orange weapons are good enough to reach breakpoints… Reds mostly saves on green and blue dust rerolling if you really need 2 stamina or 30% block cost reduction… otherwise having 3% crit chance or 5% crit chance will not be that noticable…

Also getting red dust isn’t that hard after a few reds since red jewelry items drop like it’s Christmas usually and you don’t need 10 red necklesses or 15 red trinckets.

But reds are end game items and Like Palumtra said “If you want end-game gear, you gotta work for it”

Now to the actual topic, SirKruber makes a good point from Vermintide 1 and you should read his explanation which is probably the one that makes the most sense for why the DLC weapons are not on the loot table.

Btw I have 1300h and I don’t have red dust for the new weapons, because I dismantled a lot of red items before the red dust was even a thing… I still use them as exotic and still manage to reach the break points I want with some bad rolls


“The only grind that still makes me mad is the one that is required to level up heroes and to get to max hero power the first time.”
It’s designed on purpose. When your first start, overall power level is there to slowly introduce you to the difficulty and progression. Once, you cap out your item power lvl, leveling other characters becomes much faster.
Should we make all characters level up at the same time? Maybe or maybe not?
I propose giving people a +% of xp boost per character maxed out, so each time you 35 a char, leveling the next one becomes faster, and so on.

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