So im making this because i see a lot of people complaining about the red drop rate of weapons and i want to know how true that actually is because after 300 hours of game time, i have a lot of red weapons and also red weapons that i use and wanted, so for me, Im actually having a pretty good time with getting them but i want to know how everyone else is doing. Also, the only characters i have 0 red items for are kerillian and sienna but that’s because i havent really been opening crates on them.

A lot of the complaints about red drop rates date to before a certain patch that upped their drop probabilities significantly. Before that the rates were indeed extremely low, and even now they’re not too high really. A bigger complaint after the update has been that there are a lot of duplicates dropping (even when there are a lot of weapons missing, on that character or otherwise). A disproportionately large part of drops being jewelry also falls there. Bad luck protection is another requested feature, as the nature of RNG is that some people will get screwed by it (and will get frustrated and potentially quite vocal when that happens). I guess personally I’m on the lower end of the red receival curve, and sounds like you’ve gotten quite lucky.

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Played for over a hundred hours and seen three… three…only use two

Gotten two Veteran primary weapons with Bardin, both useful to me (Axe+Shield, 2H Hammer). I think I got them both from the daily chests, but not until I was over about 590 hero power.

Now if they could make it so Bardin’s IB gauntlet doesn’t clip through the shield, I’d be even happier.

A rough estimate I’ll confirm later tonight
Quickly for the stats.

~400 hours
~12 Nechlaces
~8 Trinktes
~5 charms.
~18 Melee weapons
~13 ranged weapons.

Sienna being the most frustrating of the distribution having
3 red daggers
3 red maces
1 red conflag staff
1 red bolt staff

Mostly these came from Emperor’s/General’s Vaults… some come came from chests, or lower level vaults.

I think I have about 6-8 hats now too, no dupes… I’d have to check that number though.

Reds as in rune weapon Reds or just reds…have plenty of reds it’s rune weapon glowy reds that are nigh on impossible to get

Good for you mate. This is how RNG works. You got lucky, you’re happy, other people aren’t.

Well, it’s a mix, I do have more runes than none rune reds but saying that, I do also have 2 normal red halberds and 3 repeater normal red crossbows for saltz