Loot issues (reds, of course)

First of all, I apologise for probably duplicating someone else, but I haven’t found any similar post recently, at least not an open one.

I know that we all have our loot issues, but I feel a bit underwhelmed not only by the amount of reds I have (not speedfarming, JFTR) considering the amount of time I’ve spent on this game and a lot underwhelmed by the fact that most of my reds are duplicates.

I would strongly suggest at least introducing a mechanic that would increase the chance of players getting the items of the type that they don’t have. Also, I don’t know if the system works by selecting the slot and then the item type or it’s just one random table overall, but IMHO the non-weapon items should be deprecated once the player has a certain number of the same type, e.g. 3 trinkets.

P.S. During the last month I got just 6 reds, all duplicates, on one occasion 3 reds out of two chests in a row. That is frustrating.


Maybe they have something for us when the dlc goes live probably not.
Even if it’s probably 2 or more reds for a random new one. I mean we need to get that rng in there.

Aye, got my 6th 2handed sword last night. I’ve stacked up close to 3+ of every elf weapon (ranged and melee) besides the two I want. Daggers and Glaive… Haven’t got a single red dagger or glaive with close to 200 lvls on Kerillian xD

Someone, I think, it cannot be too often repeated, how flawed and underwhelmingly rewarding the loot system currently is.

This game is in its core great. Splendidly greatly awesome. You have this amazing variety to play dozens of weapons and the majority of them feels unique and allow interesting builds while stil keep it to some degree challenging.

But, you are currently not able to complete a full set of reds for one character in 500 hours (equivalently, if you find 51 reds it is not enough to complete Kerillians weapons, even if you exclusively open all chests with her - 27 weapons, 28 trinkets, charms and necklaces). It seems the chance of finding a specific red weapon conditioned you have found a red in a chest is for Kerillian 1/22, i.e. between 4% and 5%.

That is not optimal, this (empirically estimated) probability is too small, if you own all except one or two types of her weapons. And: I personally don’t need 11 necklaces and I don’t need 14 charms. So a system which gives those items a higher probability to occur, which are missing in your collection, is the obvious way to go, if you do not introduce a craft recipe to upgrade orange to red for the price of one existing red (but that is also very boring) or two reds (that is quite expensive). At least in my opinion.

Fatshark, please fix that. Please. It is so frustrating… After opening 160 champ and legend chests today, I should enjoy playing the two new levels, you have created with love to their details. Instead I am frustrated and posting into this forum, because I still miss red dual daggers the red one-hand sword (even if it is a flawed weapon, it is to some degree lovely - just like a dwarf). The 5 new found charms and necklaces convey only to a very limited degree consolation here for me…

tldr; Please Dev team, please fix the red item distribution in case, you already have a collection of red items. Please.

P. S. Yes, one can grind speedruns to basically try to reduce (100% - 92%)^N to almost zero, but when you are facing chaos spawn and stormfiend together at the 3rd tome location in the Screaming Bell mission and you shot them down (because you have to and there is an infinite ammo box to allow this) without much trouble in 5 minutes or so and complete the mission, you become at some point close to be infinitely bored by speedruns. It is a coop game, there should not be the need to do speedruns, because it is the best way to gamble on reds… Speedruns are very useful to players to learn mechanics of the game - dodging, positioning, disabler avoidance - but at some point, they become flat and uninteractive…

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Im sitting close to 300 levels and still no red daggers on kerillian, i have literally everything else.

Im starting to think their droprate is bugged somehow.

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1st world problems. Some of us get no loot at all in the new patch because, the new patch won’t load to the loot screen after the match. :stuck_out_tongue:

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