One more red longbow

I have 20 veteran items… and 5 are longbow, no halberd, no hammer, nor mace… etc but 5 longbow :confused:

GL having another 20 and still no halberd, but it’s not the end of the world™, am I right?

meh, I dont like repeated items, so repeated!

I also dislike my 10+ hagbanes and volleys, but who cares? We got no fixes to dupes in half a year, maybe in 2020 FS will impliment some sort of solution? Or not…

I remember when people were angry about Blizzard not implementing duplicate protection in Diablo 2 (or 3 for that matter). Oh, wait…

I have 12 red trinkets…zero two handed swords despite opening most of my loot boxes on Kruber. Ah yeah, 4 red executioner swords.

Vermintide 2 loot system is an improvment over V1, but it is still bad. I would like ability to create a red item of my choice at a static high cost in orange crystals. Lets say 500 orange for one red item, or whatever arbitrary value they see as reasonable.

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