Veteran Item Issues

Currently you can obtain more red items than there are possible property/trait combinations in the game. I don’t think anyone needs more than 10 of any red item.

I personally have over 16 of each red necklace/trinket/charm and after patch 1.2 it takes me a week to open enough legend boxes for a red and I am sick of revealing duplicate items.

Perhaps you’re afraid people might quit playing if you fixed the loot system but I would argue people would be more likely to continue playing.

This is a major issue and it needs to addressed. Ignoring this issue(and others) and not communicating what you are working on is a detriment to everyone involved with the game.

This has been communicated:


A theoretical red dust system is great and all…but it would be a million times easier to put a cap on the amount of duplicates you receive. Or add an option that allows you to opt out of receiving duplicates.

The game has had this problem since launch. I haven’t seen the back end code but I can’t help but think it would take a single developer less than a day’s work to cap red duplicates.

Red dust is a rumor for a bandaid that I’ve been hearing about for months. With no timeframe or evidence it’s even happening myself and many other players can’t help but see the current system as intentional.

You can be thankful that we won’t get the honor of using 5 red for a chance of a random new one.


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