Red dupes/drop problem will be solved?


Your make the rng big part of the game. So, i just want to hear if you will be kind an answer on simple question. Will you, Devs, solve problem with red drop and dupes? Like change X reds on 1 which you want or something like that.
By your words you want people to try some new builds and etc. But people can’t coz of lack of sources to roll properties on orange items. Need to be a super lucky to get a good(good, not perfect) roll on orange items by first tries, but if you don’t lucky you can spent hundres of dust to get needed properties. So, to metigate this random you force people obtain reds, but when you get 6 charms in a row(like i) it’s really frustrating. It’s drive just delete game and not play anymore. Someone open 5 vaults and get 5 reds(different), someone open 50 vaults and get nothing. Fair enough.

To people, who play for gameplay and don’t care about loot - this topic not for you. Just pass by.

P.S. sry for my english.

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It’s on their radar and is being looked at, but hasn’t been resolved yet - it’s been a topic on one of their community streams however so it’s definitely on the list. But right now ensuring stability and fixing bugs is their top priority as far as I’m aware, especially now that they pushed out 1.1

Thanks for the answer. I hope on it. Looks like need to watch their streams =\

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They could make it impossible to get a duped weapon, and leave jewelry the same. I would still be happy lol. The problem is, dupe weapons in some cases are still nice to have for different builds. So I’m not sure how they could improve the current situation. Maybe, only give dupes once you’ve acquired every other weapon.

Correct, once all have been acquired.

I’m not so sure about it. I got a lot more red jewelty then weapons, it’s about 25 pieces of jewelry and only around 15 weapons.

But still I just want some responce from FS, @Fatshark_Hedge is there anything FS will change or you don’t see this whole situation as a problem?

They have responded on stream that it’s something they’re looking into, but it’s not a major concern at the moment. They have bigger issues and with a small team, things take time. You have to remember, FS isn’t a multi billion dollar AAA company. Heck, even Blizzard can take weeks/months fixing things.

some red dupes have diffrent skin. im ok with that

I’d like to see it solve too, it’s my fifth Red Longbow… (yeah, there’s 4 on the picture 'cause I put one to garbage).

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