Red duplicates (here we go again)

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i’m losing my mind this needs a change.
can u tell me what is wrong with my pictures?

yeah i dont have red fireball and the more i open valuts the more dupes i get
this needs a change. is that hard to make a check code? like “drop all individual weapons 1st then get dupes”
in that way we can get all reds that we dont have then after start to drop dupes SIMPLE! but i guess so hard to implement.
and dont make me start on charms-trinkets…
i have a full page of them like literally 40+ charm 40+ trinkets 40+ neckles
here is a thread is old so my items did rise up
right it got deleted

is this my end game? get 10+ mace and 0 fireball that’s unreasonable


Same to me i have 200+ red and try to get dwarf 1hand hammer and 2hand axe
Guess what? 8 drake pistol 4 drake gun 6 crossbow i got 30 red weapon for dwarf buy only 3 are melee but 2 are pickaxe and 1 is dual axe


thank you very much to move my thread from BUG to Feedback and not replay on it. if u ask me this is a BUG!

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It’s not a bug mind you, but an intended mechanism (it’s just a mechanism that you and many others dislike, we hear ya!).

We’re working towards a solution for duplicate reds.


u right is not a bug is more like “it bugs-me” thing
in nice to hear that the team is working on a solution to fix this.
any eta date release? or how the system will work?

its a joke. vermintide 1 didn’t give you duplicates and there is no reason why it should before you get all items on that character. ‘‘We’re working towards a solution for duplicate reds.’’ yeah right

We’re prototyping both a “mash reds together to get another red not in the mash” system and a “red dust” upgrade system.


I know you guys don’t like giving time frames. But is this something you guys are actively working on? {People have been complaining about this since April or so. I remember you said you were going to give us an update of whats on the front burner, and what’s on the back burner. So we can kind of expect what fixes or content are coming in the following months. I haven’t seen this yet though…

So two or more to get a random other red? (including trinkets for good measure)
WP you can scrap that idea right now.
This is not a solution. Yes I read more things into your very vague words but I think it’s fair at this point and against someone who is using vagueness deliberately to assume the worst as fact.

Note that if you do “one for one” that will be universally praised but you’re you so the grind must go in there.


Interesting community management there… It’s an “intended mechanism” to strongly weight red drops to the most useless and undesired items for players. It’s an intended mechanism to infuriate and waste the player’s time rerolling the same trait that is already on the item, and let’s have it do it multiple times in a row for good measure.

If your solution to the red dupe problem is to introduce more RNG for a random red I think that will confirm once and for all that you do not value the player’s time, and actually it is quite the opposite.

RNG what box Ranald decides to give you
RNG what comes out of that box, strongly weighted in favour of not getting a red
RNG that any red you do get is strongly weighted to be something undesirable to the player
No protection that it isn’t a duplicate of an item that they already have
Then RNG that 2 or more of the reds that a player doesn’t want combine into one they actually do want.

No, just no. Stop with this layer upon layer of RNG that at all times is there to serve the grind rather than the player. If your solution does not offer a guaranteed way to create the item players want then there will be more discontent with the system.


I didn’t get that impression from what Hedge said. It’s just intended that people can get duplicates, not that there is any weighting of RNG towards getting duplicated or undesirable loot.


There is though… Everyone who wants a certain weapons, has 3-5 of each weapon they don’t want… It’s insane… I’ve played what, 700 hours, nearly all on elf, still I don’t have a single red daggers or glaive. Yet I have countless 2handed swords and swift bows. Multiple 1 handed swords and so on. The weapons that I use the most, the hagane for example is the only ranged weapon I use on elf, and I’ve ever only got 1 compared to the 5 or so swift bows and longbows. It’s almost like the game gives you dups of weapons you do not want…

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It’s been proven that the game is far more likely to drop jewellery than weapons, so yes, it is weighted towards undesirable items.

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My brother (programmer) speculated it probably decides the slot first (melee, ranged, necklace, charm, trinket) that’s a 60% chance for a trinket.


It’s pretty likely, though, that what underlies that is that the game is equally likely to award an item from any equipment slot. But there are 3 trinket slots and only 2 weapon slots. Given that we really don’t want 4 red charms in the same way we’d like 4 different melee weapons, this “effective weighting” sucks.

It’s very likely simply a crude system that FS hasn’t updated.


We’re prototyping both a “mash reds together to get another red not in the mash” system and a “red dust” upgrade system.

ffs dude you are overthinking this and if what you’re planning means what I think it means it is just going to pissssss people off.

Salvage 1 red item = get 1 red dust.
Craft a blueprint with A REASONABLE amount of red dust, get a red from that blueprint.

You can do this in literally a day.


I really cannot at all conceive of any rational reason why Fatshark would do ANYTHING but this. It is simple, easy, satisfies everyone, could be patched in very quickly,
“But no, common sense is not fatshark way. Must create ridiculous Rube Goldberg system with high chance of still not giving you what you want, upset entire player base.”


Red dupe is ruining game and purple could be solution if it was real red item, not illusion

I dont understand why fatshark provide illusions not real red item to players who buy dlc for fatshatk
If they provide real red purple items, even though it is just cheap copy paste version of blue, they could solve dupe and attracts players buy dlc

Giving illusions only is worst part of dlc and i hope they consider it and give us real red one


Going to chime in here and agree with red dust and blueprints. 1 red equals 1 red dust. 2 to 3 red dust to craft specific red item.
What do you guys think: is 2 to 3 red dust too much, too little, just right?

I also agree the new purples should just be actual items. Not sure why they’re illusions. I am having issues keeping track of them because there is no real way to check what illusions you have available short of putting a weapon without an illusion in the crafting menu. I have resorted to making a list on my phone but there are two illusions missing from my list lol. Guess I am going to slog through each classes weapons this weekend to find the two I cant remember.

Also, I prefer to keep a purple and blue version and while I have plenty of dupes, I dont have dupes for everything.
So for now I have started putting most of the new illusions on red dupes and oranges to help me keep better track of them for now.

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I think 2 red dust is a fair amount to craft what you want. Break down 2 reds, get 1 that you actually want. That seems fair.

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