Plea to remove duplicate reds

I would once again like to plea with FS to remove the ability to receive duplicate reds , now i do see the benefits of having 2 or 3 red necklaces so you can mess around with trait combinations (which i don’t actually care for but each to their own) but i have a friend who is on his 6th duplicate red trinket , 5 of those 6 were pulled out of chests CONSECUTIVELY . I mean i can only imagine winning the lottery 5 times in a row but only winning $1 at a time . come on please stop this madness


Agree with OP


But what would I do without my THREE sets of veteran Drake Fire pistols?

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give one to me

I could agree on keeping dupe weapons if they had multiple skins, but from what I’ve seen on reddit (30+95, still no reds in sight, you lucky so >.>), each red weapon seems to have its own skin, not multiple skins.

I have definitely 2 different skins on the pistols. Still kinda pointless to have em ^^.

Then i stand corrected, have yet to see two different skins on the same red weapon. And I could see a few niche situations, wanting a Tank build (Offbalance, stam/blockredux) and a Dps build (Swifr, crit/critpwr/powervs/atkspd) for your favorite weapon on two different careers. However I think another poster got it right, should lock out dupe reds until you have everything for that character first, then enable dupes for multiple builds.


Crapping trinkets, charms, and necklaces. Another red and its not a weapon, but another of these. Please do something about this, this is very disheartening. Get my hopes up and then dash, it is so rare to get a red and then to get another, especially when all of these can be share and altered at will.

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Should I start salvaging these? If I got another red that would be great.

Come on, you mean to tell me your heart doesn’t light up when you see a dupe? After receiving the 4th flail in a row on Saltzpyre I was feeling great about how awesome it would look sitting in my inventory never getting used.

On a serious note, this seems almost as if it was a design decision or another overlooked bug. I’m hearing a ton of testimonials from friends that they are constantly receiving duplicates from chests. I don’t get how my character has a possible 9 weapons that he can roll and I almost always roll either a flail or a repeater pistol. I sincerely doubt it’s a coincidence if this unfortunate scenario is constantly happening to me and my friends.

Maybe I’d be okay with duplicates after I already had a full set? Other than that I agree.

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For what it’s worth, I haven’t gotten a single repeater pistol yet. I do have 3 axes, 3 volley xbows, 2 flails, 1 2h sword, 1 falchion and 1 xbow though.

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