Duplicate Red Weapons need to not be a thing

I finally get a second red weapon and it’s the exact same thing I already have for Kruber. It needs to be changed back to what VT1 had, where you could only get one of each red weapon.


How many hours of play? What boxes gave you these?

Then how would you combat the idea of having different specced items for different characters/classes?


By rolling an orange weapon?

If we allow duplicate reds then it will just tick people off even more about current red RNG. I just found a red crossbow for victor. I don’t want it but I’m glad I got it. Finding it again would be very disappointing.

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I’ve gotten 3 reds in 240 hours, all necklaces. Very rewarding and satisfying mechanic, as a player, I love when after an evening of having a blast I get kicked in the nuts by getting nothing out of the vaults I worked for. Gamblers remorse at its finest.



I got 2 red charms.


Yo, I would love that. There are alot of useful properties on charms, atk speed, power vs x, crit power, crit chance. If you only want one combination out of it tho, i can see the frustration. I havent gotten a red myself, and my friend got his second red trinket, which in my eyes only has one combination, crit chance and curse resist.

You can always roll an orange for your second charm. Though I agree 2 red charms/necklace/trinket isn’t all that bad considering you might want different traits or properties on them. But I don’t think you should be able to get more than 2 red necklace, 2 red charms, 2 red trinkets and 1x of each weapon.

You should only get 1x of each red until you have every red for your chosen character. Once you do, you should be able to get dupes of all of them. That way you can get everything first, then more for different builds.


revive speed.

I’ve gotten 5 veteran items, 2 trinkets, charm, necklace and a hagbane. And I got all of them out of champ chests. My pals I play with have gotten fewer together than me alone. I’m not a fan of the random factor of item drops but I don’t know what other sorts of progression they could add to the game. I’ve no real ideas even though I would like to see something more rewarding than just getting veteran items at random.


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Make that 3 veteran items, 3 charms.

No bud, you wouldn’t love it.

Dont see why this is funny? Someone has to pick up the baddies.

Cooldown reduction

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I think it’s funny because it’s planning for failure. In all situations crit chance, stamina recovery or even movement speed is useful. That one is only useful when someone goes down. i.e. a mistake has already been made. And at that point at least in legend it’s better to kill the enemies than to resurrect someone.

Fully agree with OP.
I also think reds should be unique, not mechanically, but in their name/description. having tons of, say, trinkets (there’s at least 10 of those) with the same name and description of the orange ones is just lame. What kept me hunting items in the first game was that with every item, I discovered something new about the world

I would note that red weapons each have two different illusions. https://vermintide2.gamepedia.com/Bardin's_Drakefire_Pistols/Illusions
This may be partly why were can loot the same one multiple times. When alternate traits were introduced in Vermintide 1, the pool of reds was doubled - they fixed it shortly after.

It makes some sense that we will loot heaps of trinkets since there are many different appearances for them, but given that there are so many, and that we can apparently loot duplicates, this is a pretty big problem for red farming.

I also think, the ratio of red weapons/trinkets should be adjusted. Consider how 1 trinket can be used on all heros, also that trinkets don’t have the satisfying “bling” factor.

False. They don’t all have multiple illusions, only some of them do.

So that’s now 4 red charms… Can you please do something about duplicates!!!

Once we have a red version for every item then let the game give us duplicates.