Duplicate Red Weapons need to not be a thing

Weeeeeeell, the duplicates I’ve gotten have had different names so they aren’t exactly duplicates? (Irony)

All though, when it comes to charms, neck and trinkets having duplicates are not bad since you might want different rolls on them. It’s annoying to get duplicates, Yes, but if you only could get One necklace people would be angry because of that.

I wish there was a trade system of some kind so I could trade my duplicate Reds for something I actually needed.

I have 3 Red Necks and 1 Red Trinket.

x4 red necklaces, x4 red charms, x3 red trinkets

kill me

seriously though this is incredibly unrewarding and frustrating getting duplicate after duplicate, was skins really the motivating factor to reintroduce the horrendous RNG back into v2? I thought it would improve, but I’m really not seeing any, if anything it feels regressive

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So what’s going on here? Devs are not responding to this topic. Do they not consider duplicate reds an issue?

Friend and I save up and open 120 legend vaults a piece, he gets 16 reds, I get 1 and its my 9th red trinket. If the game was not so wrought with bugs and nonsense maybe I would consider this acceptable but thats not the case. I enjoy the core gameplay but I want to at least have 1 red item I actually want, as it stands I have 18 reds and use 3. No real reason to bother playing atm, frustrating loot system and frustrating buggy gameplay.


I would love to not have duplicate red weapons. I can live with jewelry but they should cap at 5 dupes imho.

Necroing the thread a bit here… bit this is still a thing. And what just happened to me, should never happen to anyone:


14 trinkets and counting

I disagree with this. If you play more than one career in the game, you’re going to want more than just one red charm or weapon, because different careers require different power bonuses to reach different breakpoints. I have 3 red charms and I love it, because it lets me have things like skaven armor for Huntsman, chaos infantry for Bounty Hunter, etc.

I can get behind the idea of not allowing the same red to drop twice in a row or something like that, but not disabling duplicates entirely.

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My problem is the game already has duplicates built in in the sense that there are different illusion veteran weapons and the charms, trinkets, and necklaces all have multiple variants. I don’t think you should be able to get two sigmarite beads for instance.

You know, as time went on what ended up happening in V1 was a change that ensured you wouldn’t get duplicates, for a very good reason. I understand the appeal when it comes to having several red items for different builds, but there is a limit to what one should have to endure.

I’m sitting on 7 red necklaces, 5 red charms and 8 red trinkets, 3 red flails, 2 red axes, 2 red sword/shield.
And I’m telling you, it is NOT fun when you have more trinkets then you’ll ever have builds.

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