Red weapon duplicates

First of all, I think this topic have been up before. After almost 300 active hours I still want to bring this back to attention, as my first topic and feedback.
When ohur crew is gathered we usually play legend, and theres no mission we’ve not been able to pull off.
I still “grind” (and enjoy it) for thoes precious red weapons. But at one point this is getting unseemly boring. Cause when you get lucky and finally get a red, it is again that 1h axe (Bardin) or another trinket. Think I got 3 axes and idk 4-5 trinkets?!
I ask, is it possible to bring a change to something similar to VT1, where you could only get one red weapon of every kind? For a start this would keep me interested in what im doing in this game a little while longer.


This would be a welcome change indeed and I haven’t seen anybody disagree with it.

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duplicate weapons are really a bummer. You dont really need different stats for different characters but im all in for duplicate trinkets/charms/necklaces for more playstyle variety.
Accessories should have their droprates adaptate for how many you already have (the more you have the lower the chance you get another).

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I agree, but in part… cham, etc etc need for different styles… just weapons must be unique.

oh lol guy talking about duplicates while people dont have single one after 200 hours, with champ emps and legend runs :smiley:

/jelly I admit hahaha