Idea for people with excessive veteran/cosmetic dupes

For people who who keep pulling the same cosmetics/same veteran items/endless charms & trinkets - perhaps implement the ability to turn them in to a rare resource that we can choose to build new (random?) veteran items?



Very common suggestion in multiple threads already created on this very forum. :slight_smile:

Not saying it’s a bad idea, it’s not, but no need for yet another thread on the same topic. ^^


let’s hope it’s something they’ve noticed then


The more people that voice this issue, the greater chance of something being done about it.


I’m pretty sure you can’t get duplicate cosmetics anymore? Unless you melt them down?

This has been suggested before, and it should work like this: 2 red dust per red item salvaged. You can then turn any orange item into red with 10 red dust. Making it 5 reds salvaged per crafted red item of your choosing.

Fatshark please make this happen.


Correct, but doing so in one thread, making that thread massive instead of having multiple threads, is the way to go on forums.

Why 2 red dust per item if reds is the only source of it? Why not 1 dust and 5 to upgrade?


I don’t know, it just sounded right in my head at the time. But yes, either is fine. Lol

5 to 1 ratio is too punishing. The grind is bad enough already.

I get the message, a lot of posts about this have been created. I get it. I apologise. But it’s been made now and it’s generating discussion, it’s not a bad thing IMO


It’s not punishing at all if you play legend. Most people in legend are sitting on 40+ unused reds. Any less than 5/1 and reds would no longer be fun to get. Also, you’re getting to choose what red you want, bypassing RNG. The ratio should be high. No one would be forcing you to salvage reds for a specific one. But, many of us have a lot of dupes and are missing the one red we really want.

LOL where do you get these figures from. Who are “most” people? The vocal minority in red duplicate threads? Those are just that, a minority. I would consider my own 360 hours, mostly spent on legend ofc, a lot. And im “only” sitting on one duplicate red sienna mace and 3 red charms i have no use for.

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People on above complaining that this thread is a duplicate of similar threads prior…get it…duplicate :slight_smile:


This here, is a fine example of: “This is not a problem for me therefore it is not a problem for others.”


No. I was simply dismantling his claim that “most people in legend” have an enormous amout of reds. Just because I dont have “40+” red duplicates doesnt mean that im against Fatshark doing something about duplication problem. That, you read into my post.

Anything would be better than it is.

I have three 1h hammers and two of them are exactly the same illusion…

I have two grudge raker shotguns…

I have 5-10 each of charms/necklace/trinket

Yep, anything would be good.


I like the idea, but crafting definetely shouldn’t be random. We have enough RNG already.


We keep posting until they do it , people are getting tired !!


I’m at 300 hours with about 15 duplicates(mostly jewelry), and given how many of these red duplicate threads that keep popping up, this is clearly not a minority.

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