Suggestion: Red dust to craft red items

Hey there, so i was reading the forums and saw people were still unhappy with the RNG from red items. I completely agree myself but there is also another issue people are overlooking i feel. Not only is getting the red you want RNG but getting the one YOU want, is RNG on RNG.

I have a friend who’s gotten two reds for Kruber. Both of them were two handed greatswords, the worst weapon Kruber has, possibly the worst weapon in the game right now. My suggestion simply is too add a new type of dust, red dust.

Red Dust can be used to make red items of your choice just like you do with all crafting. Red dust could be gained from breaking down red items and EXTREMELY rarely from breaking down orange items. While it still has depending on RNG it seems like a significantly more long term goal to aim towards. A slow progression towards a red is a lot more interesting than the current ALL OR NOTHING system available.

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We should have a solid way to get reds or vermintide 1 crafting syste. With the current system, we can’t try every career or new build.

I have been saying that for quite some time: 1 red items salvage= 1 red dust. 3 red dust = craft one red using your item blueprints you got from leveling.

Easy solution.

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I’d say more realistic would be something like. 10 red dust to craft a red of your choice. Then you get 5 from salvaging a red item and occasionally one from orange.


And please tell me how many people have 10 reds to spare? Most people dont have even one, two. We try to solve LACK OF REDS problem. And you suggest 10 reds = 1. That won’t change anything.

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I said 1 red would give you 5 red dust. 10 to craft a red of your choice. That would be 2 random reds to make a red of your personal choice. That but also you’d get red dust from breaking down orange items occasionally. So often it could be 5 red dust gained from orange items and 5 from breaking down 1 red item.


Then why not 1 red = 1 dust and 2 dust = 1? And orange should not give red dust. That wouldn’t make sense imo

Because without red dust from breaking oranges, you’ve still got the case of very bad luck = no reds at all.

If you work with larger numbers with RNG, you get more normalized results due to how probability works. That means no matter how unlucky you are, you will be slowly making progress towards red items occasionally. At the same time, if its 2 red dust to craft 1 red, that doesn’t really work as a reasonable scale. You’d get 50% of a red item from breaking down 1 orange which is certainly way too high.

So 10 to craft a red. 5 from reds, 1 from orange items occasionally seems much more reasonable. 2 ways to build up, 1 based on very rare chance luck and the other much slower but a lot more consistent with just being a regular player.


whoa, youre using logic here!
pretty sure they want to keep red drops as awful as possible, because they fear people stop playing before the new dlc comes out - which is so contraproductive.
compare it to v1, the bounty board came a looot later into the game.

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Indeed. I would agree that there should be a crafting implemented for reds, as the RNG factor is just a little too much.

Having 10 red dust to craft a red and having red drop 5 red dust is good, it means that your long grinding RNG runs arent gonna be a true pain if you dont get what you want in reds.

Also, if they bring out bounties this could tie up nicely with the rewards in that system

I must join this topic aswell. Since i got so many trinkets, charms and necklaces. I got same exact trinket like 4 times. So please give us option to reforge them into something more usefull. U can put another like sink in there like 3 for 1 or something.
Also ratio of charms/trinkets/neck to weapons is silly. my ratio is like 5:1 i think by now. That also needs to be looked at.

I really wish they would change this, give us chance but I am highly doubtfull…

I really like your suggestion! I got 3 reds of which i would like to turn in 2, which are not useful at all for me. Instead I’d able to craft a beam/conflag stuff or even a grudgeraker for my ranger :blush:

Played again tonight, done some Legend runs. Got 2 red charms again. Now that I think about it i should have not open my chests and keep them for when they fix this. I could recommend this to people because they will probably fix these bugged drop rates… but people who got dozens (in current versions) of charms/trinkets/necklaces will just get shafted.

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Instead of “red dust”, why not have it require a rediculous amount of orange dust - for example 500 orange dust to make a red.

I did consider that but it looks a lot more “fancy” when you have a specialized currency for the top elite items. As silly as it sounds you want people to feel cool and progressing when they find stuff.

When you get more orange dust and have a REALLY high goal, it feels very unsatisfying. When you’ve got say a demand total of 10 but get it rarely, it’s more of a “Yay!” feeling. I know that’s just psychology stuff and not remotely logical but hey it still feels better. That said, deconstructing reds into orange dust just feels kind of… underwhelming.

If they wanna optimize the whole thing:

a) replace the green dust with a red dust gif in the crafting window + and sort it right next to the orange dust
b) change the green dust code according to red extractions and add a new formula which is applied for red items in the salvage window
c) copy paste weapon upgrade tab in the crafting window and add a new formula which allows to craft reds based on the default templates
d) add a line for the patch notes and make v2 great again :blush:

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