Cheaper red crafting

As soon as the new patch went live i scrapped all my duplicates reds, but now i’m just keeping the red dust in my inventory. Having to use 5 to get a single red feels a bit insulting to me. This is just to mitigate RNG, right?
So why should I not get 1 for 1 or, at max 2 dusts? Why should a player feel punished for getting duplicates?

As many players have pointed out, illusionless reds are a great way to use those (and probably upcoming) dlc skins. But if a player wants to apply them only on reds, it’ll take almost 300 red duplicates only for those bogenhafen chests at the current drop rate.

Having finally a red crafting system is good, but the way it works now it feels kinda punishing and unnecessary


Hey, you still don’t get it? FS just want you to enjoy RNG. RNG is great!!! All hail RNG!!!

Oh, you still don’t enjoy it fools? No problem, here, take some more RNG!

P.S. FU Buddhism, FU Shinto, FU FSM and FU Sigmar (forgive me the Holy One!). All gods and religions are shіt, you should only belive in RNjesus, pray and worship him every night and day! If RNjesus dislikes you it only means your faith is not strong enough, so you should be punished for this.

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There were rare red’s… nearly everyone cried:

  • FS gave us tons of red’s.

There were duplicates… nearly everyone cried:

  • FS gave us a crafting system.

There are no skins/high costs… nearly everyone cries:

  • FS will probably give out skins in chests an decrease the costs

There will be no content , due to the waste of time to fulfil community stuff… nearly everyone will complain about skins behind a paywall (they already do) and normal chests will become worthless than they’re already.

Better ignore all the stuff and warnings sir darth_angeal told over weeks…
The system is “ok”, because there is atleast a system… but it’s overall really bad and every chest/craft is more a timewaste than a good game adaption.
The whole system needs a reset and a rework… it’s not even that hard to do… but i guess nearly everyone will hail sigmar and craftable illusions in a month… wow… illusions per button… wow…

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It seems like it, but I’d really like an answer.
Even if the red system in VT1, with dup protection, was a lot better imo, I can see why they could want to implement something different here. Red drops are kind of reasonable at the moment, but the conversion rate is not.
I also think that hat’s drop (from commendation chests) is too low, maybe we could get an additional way to get those. All in all it’s still a better system, cause there’s dup protection there. Sometimes small things make wonders

Sofrimento é a melhor resposta …

While I still think the focus on RNG as it is now is far from optimal, I think 5 red dust for the guaranteed red you want is a fair enough trade. It does not “devalue” dropped reds since they don’t have an illusion, so you still have that “shiny” to go for but it still allows veteran players to get those few reds they needed and allows for more experimentation and variation. RNG drops will give you enough jewelry (and in my case: drakefire pistols. I had like 12 of those ^^) to get the reds you want earlier if you don’t want to wait for the drop while still making it a rather tough choice.


let us scrap red charms necklaces and relicts.

HAH! finally someone who see it like i do.

“while still making it a rather tough choice”.

That sums it up.
Red crafting is there because duplicate reds are a bad thing. How in the nine hells is it supposed to be a tough choice? There should be no choice about it

The choice is prety obvious.

  1. You get nothing of what you want.
  2. It takes you 5 times longer to finally get red you want, but if you want some specific illusion, then go fuсk yourself, and open more and more vaults with a certain character hoping for a miracle.

Well, it’s prety legit choice, don’t you think so?

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You seem confused. This game isn’t an MMO. if you want endless progression and hard to get loot decided by RNG you are playing the wrong game.

GAMEPLAY is what keeps people playing this for hundreds and some even thousands of hours. The enjoyment of trying different weapons, slaughtering rats, doing maps quickly, deeds, etctera.

RNG loot to get all your red IS NOT what is keeping the playerbase around.

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This is an mmo, but not a rpg.

There are enough PVE-games that do better. (Diablo,PoE)
The gameplay is fun, but not rewarding and it offers nothing to grind. Some ppl can play 3971728h the same over and over again , but the most (99%) can’t.
There isn’t even a real gap between the gameplay of the weapons. Especially if you use breakpoints, it’s a non-aiming run.

Or why do you think the playerbase dropped that hard?
I’m definately not confused to say, that this games lacks on everything but gameplay. And FS patches this gameplay to become more easy and goes in with that stupid craftsystem.
They missed the chance to expand everything in a good was, when they just increased the red dropchance instead of something new.

Going full red on all careers is my current carrot not gameplay.

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i am here to brag about the fact that i have all the reds i want!

RNJesus hates me! I will share my secret with you all:

  1. You must sincerely believe in your heart, deep down in your soul, that you do not want the Reds that you are looking for. The game has a system that senses your desires and deliberately blocks the generation of said Red item (this is to prolong the time gamers spend playing)

  2. Eat healthy, do not smoke, partake in alcohol only if you must, only once a day in small amounts, and don’t do drugs. This will prolong your life so that you can spend more time playing to get the Reds of your dreams.


I don’t understand why everyone is so mad about the crafted reds not having illusions.

You don’t get ANY illusions from ANY crafted weapons. Why should the red weapons be any different?


Different, you say? There is nothing different exept “one little nuance”- to craft red you need to dismantle 5 another reds. To craft orange you basically need only scrap, which you can get by dismantling any item.

P.S. If you think that getting countless dupes hunting what you want is exciting, just no. It’s irritating or it can be annoying, but it’s nothing exciting in getting another bunch of bullshіt dupes.

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I tend to agree on this and maybe I didn’t make my point clear before. I would prefer it if people could chase the reds they want in some way and not just hope for rng. But for the time being, this system is an improvement in my books.

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Devs already said they’re adding in an illusion system later. They haven’t said how it’s going to work. Eitherway, you can now break down you extra Reds for new items you need, and you will be able to get the illusions for them as well. Does this not please you?


for me a red weapon is a status symbol acknowledging you’ve worked hard to get a red. having one without glow is not as rewarding. same reason i dont like the boganhafen chests as they only grant illusions, theres no point for me in having a yellow teir weapon with a red illusion.