Cheaper red crafting

Going full red on all careers is my current carrot not gameplay.

Why not both?

I’m not 100% on this but I’m pretty sure I remember crafting a weapon w/ an illusion on it. Maybe that was from this patch. Will have to double check.

I seem to have several weapons flagged as having illusions but aside from that tag I can’t see a difference from the base skin.

I absolutely disagree. I get it can be frustrating (believe me, I main WHC, and play with volley crossbow and rapier only, and those were the only reds I never got, even when I had 3 duplicate repeater pistols and many other duplicates of other weapons), but RNG is enjoyable. It is a roulette, a lottery. You shouldn´t be guaranteed to get this specific weapon you want right now after playing a couple games, you should have to put in the sweat and tears, or, if you do get lucky, actually feel that you got lucky and be happy about that.

Maybe 5 red items to make one specific one is too many, imo it is adequate, but lowering it a bit might be fine. I definitely wouldn´t go under 3 though. Getting any single red weapon in game just because you found any other red item in the game would cheapen reds greatly. At that point, you would hardly even hope to find a specific red in a lootbox, because no matter what item you found, you would turn it into the one you wanted. Lame af imho.

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I reached my peak performance, I think, without investing time in selfmade boot camps or something like this. I play Champion, I main WHC, it makes fun and something really bad has to happen to lose it.
I need a really good team to win on Legend and I guess it’s me who gets carried. But because my win ratio on Legend is so bad I stay on Champion.

I simply don’t have fun losing on Legend, changing the hero, playing with a specific meta build or train like a maniac. Got better to do.

Yes, I am a casual player and I am sorry we are in the same playerbase which bought this product.

I have 700 hours in this game, most of the time playing legend, or even legend deeds. I have had 15 red duplicates, that with the current rate means getting 3 weapons. It’s better than nothing, but…
At around that many hours I was missing only a few reds in VT1. While I do enjoy having some long term goal, the amount of grind in this game is mind boggling.


All of the red weapons I have acquired were from the chests. That blue tint is awful looking so I replaced all of them with blue rarity skins as they have this shiny gold/metallic coloring to it which I find to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Fyi, you can’t even tell the red Flame Sword is a red weapon as the blue tint is overshadowed by the red glow of the sword…

To me, the glow doesn’t mean anything. The max stats are what makes the red weapons special.

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