Crafting red illusions (yet another rng-protection topic)

Hello. This is somewhat personal but may apply to many.

One of the greatest things for players with many hours in the game is collecting things.
As a Victor main, I have been aiming to obtain all red weapons and illusions for his weapons, which is, I suppose, the late-game interest for me and many others. And I only lack one (namely, faithflight but it doesn’t matter, of course).

Endless grinding of legend CW has lead me to finally obtaining a new veteran crossbow… with a skin I already have. Sounds familiar? Without further ado, please, let us craft the red illusions we struggle with. Maybe, for a high cost (10, 20, 30, 50?) in red dust but with a non-rng outcome. I believe this is easy to implement (at least after the DT release) and will not affect player retention as many will be able to switch to, e.g., another difficulty or a game mode.

I hope this topic (or a similar one) will draw decisionmakers’ attention and let us finally play with the skins we want. Thanks for reading.

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I think this is just another instance in the topic of crating overhaul. There are many suggestions on how to use the crafting system in a better way to remove some rng aspects including illusions. I think Fatshark has stated they are looking into ways to better the system. However, my personal opinion is that pure rng is a way to make certain rewards truly unique. Why should you have every item in the game? Or at least why should it be easy to get every single item? Now Illusions aren’t that big of a deal nobody looks at other peoples weapons really, they really are just for the players. So in this case I am sentimental to you cause. But if we were to have this discussion a couple of years ago about the possibility to buy cosmetics from lohner’s shop instead purely from rng chest I would probably have opposed the motion. There is something about getting a friend into a game for the first time and see them get the rare drop in the first chest they get that you have been grinding for half a year :,)

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The excitement of gaining something truly unique is understandable, but for some players there is nothing to it but just frustration.

Well, I guess the onle thing we can do is hope for a better crafting system released at some point. Fter today’s another red crowwbow with the already obtained skin Im thinking of quitting the CW grind and moving on to the game modes I would actully like to play now.

All illusions should be able to be purchased in the shop for shillings or red dust.
Game has been out for 4 years at this point and the player base is going to drop dramatically when Darktide releases.
Dont understand why people defend the current system, no reason why were still gatekeeping cosmetics. Let people enjoy the game

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I mean, this is entirely subjective, some will definitely value being able to just buy everything directly while some prefer having some things be truly RNG locked and more rare.

Neither is really wrong, its just a matter of taste.

As for the incoming playerbase shift well yea, but opening up cosmetics isnt gona change that given that only longtime veterans who amount for a very small % of the playerbase do this. It´d just make a few collectors happy and a few “i like my rare stuff” people sad while getting fatshark nothing really.

Thing is, no skin is really “rare” or “unique”. You don’t see how long someone was grinding for a particular skin since, AFAIK, all skins for a particular weapon have the same drop rate. So looking at the whole player base, non of the skins is rarer than the other. It is just pure rng if one person gets all the skins for a weapon or the same one 4 times on a row while the guy next to him gets the other skin 4 times in a row.

I also think that the system should allow someone who invested more than a couple of hundred hours to have every option of customisation. As it stands it is not only possible but even probable to likely that someone with multiple thousand hours in the game does not have everything. Even if they manly played legend/deeds/whatever to maximise the probability of red drops.

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The amount of ridiculous rng in this game is a blight on the fun. It took me 2.4K hours to get every red illusion in the game and it got increasingly frustrating towards the end. RNG with no duplicates (which is how the hats from commendation chests worked before the emporium) would be an improvement.

I actually think the best system for gaining red illusions would be ‘complete 10 legend/cata games with the weapon equipped’ to get one illusion for that weapon and repeat until you have them all. That way, if you see a player with the red illusion you would at least know they have a level of competency with that weapon and character. Right now, i have every Sienna red mace illusion and flamestaff illusion and i have probably used these weapons once each. The ‘win to receive’ system would also allow players that don’t want to devote their lives to this game to work towards the exact illusions they want. It’s a much more satisfying progression loop and i think it would increase player engagement. Pure rng is just frustrating.