Longtime player feedback

I’ve played this game since release. I’ve put in over 1,800 hours into it. One would think that after 1,848.3 hours, I would want for nothing. Right? WRONG!! There are some rare items for multiple characters I can’t get to drop for anything due to the horrid RNG built into the game. If one can not play a game for over 18,000 hours and have everything the game can offer (with the exception of unique online experiences) then the developers simply do NOT respect your time. If DarkTide is more of the same, then I’m out. I have way too many games and things to do in life, to be tied down to one game that isn’t going to give me everything with a reasonable amount of effort.

I want to enjoy them AND be rewarded. Fix this in your games, please.


Strongly agree, expecially because the game is so much fun on its own. I’m in your position (same number of hours - except the second time you added an extra 0) and I’d like to mess with the modded realm by now, but I feel like I’m missing on loot if I go there. One way or the other, yeah, it’s absurd how much time it’s required to get it all.


I agree with the point that distributing illusions by pure RNG is very frustrating. The inclusion of red dust and veteran crafting was a very positive and much needed improvement. It solved the problem of the gameplay aspect of availability of red weapons, but the illusion part of red weapons is still suffering from the exact same problem. I have almost as much playtime as @Iamaghoul , and I’m missing a total of 3 illusions. Now, none of those illusions I even really want, but imagine your favorite illusion of your favorite weapon being one of those. How frustrating would that be? I could open a thousand high level boxes more than the
Over a thousand I already have, and there’s still a very realistic chance I won’t find those items.

One way to solve this problem somewhat would be to change the probability of specific reds dropping from chests to be higher when you don’t have that illusion yet. A much better fix would be to give us the ability to work towards the illusions we want in some way, however. It’s okay if that wouldn’t be easy either, just as long as it’s realistic and there’s a clear and unvarying relation between effort and reward. Specific weapon challenges could work, or a relatively easy implementation could be to just include the illusions in the Emporium. Price them at a few thousand shillings. That would also solve the problem of shillings being worthless for frequent players.


Yeah the illusions still absolutely suck. It was only recently that I myself completed every red illusion for kerillian even tough at this point I can craft pretty much any weapon I want with red dusts.
This was also target farming opening probably closer to 1000 boxes in span of half a year getting multiple hagbanes, dual swords, spears … etc.
It really needs more targeted approach, be it by crafting, modified chances from boxes or something similar but currently you can very easily have every illusion apart from that 1 you want.


People still care about illusions that they wont use? What

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I agree with your suggestion, but the illusions being in the inventory would have an other problem: we have many more items in the inventory than ways to get shillings, which makes a completionist player feel overwhelmed already.
I’m not saying it wouldn’t be an improvement - it would be, solving one problem: availability - but the other problem (the sheer amount of grind/time required) would still be there.

Of course there are also players complaining that they have too many shillings, but compared to the amount of items in the inventory that simply can’t be true. That is an other problem entirely, and it’s about the quality of the items there.

For me it was sword&dagger illusion that I actually DO use.

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Not really that, but it was just an example. What if the illusion you miss is the only one you really want? Tough luck, just keep opening another thousand boxes and maybe you get lucky. Or not. Illusions still missing after 2000 hours with no reason to expect to find it in the next 1000 hours is an illustration of how bad the system that distributes illusions currently is.

Just like with crafting, whether or not the system gets improvements / an overhaul or not doesn’t matter at all to me personally. In the meantime I have gotten all the illusions I want, and enough items and materials to be able to play with any setup I could possibly want until the servrs go offline. But it would be better for other players and the health of the game if the system gets reworked, so I still care.


I think it’s fixed simply with just bring the weave’s craft system to the main. And skins(illusions) for emporium.


This was me with Kruber Greatsword skin at over 2.2k hours. It dropped last week.

All it needs is some bad luck protection. Don’t get a red? Increase base chance by a tiny bit so the longer you go without a red the more likely you are to get one. Whether it’s the right one or not is beside the point, but it goes some way to stopping people with 1-2k hours not being rewarded for their time.

PLEASE for the LOVE OF SIGMAR, GRIMNIR, TAAL, MORR and OKRI don’t put “Pure Fluke” as the main method of getting weapon skins in Darktide. Please. I’m begging.


I still don’t understand why we didn’t get quests and contracts from VT1, from the outside perspective it seems like a good solution.
It still has some problems, like players being forced to wait for the desired rotation but come on.
Did anyone ever say why it was not implemented in VT2? Kinda curious if there are some problems I don’t see with this system.

But I definitely support some sort of pseudo random distribution or bad luck protection for red drops.

Also congrats :smiley:


I absolutely agree i am full of red items i can craft them if i want but i’m missing so many illusions, a system that would give you the illusion you miss would be really appreciated. Buying them in emporium would be awesome it’s still a grind but at least you see the end of your goal. Some other way to get shillings and the old mission system would be super nice too.
( I also have more than 1k hours )


I can understand you. Having the same problem with Kruber’s one-handed mace. The only red illusion I miss in this game, and I’m opening chests only on Kruber now to get it. Looted around 20 red blunderbusses. Wish to have an opportunity to get illusions by doing achievements. Not just stupidly looting chests.


I had pretty much everything unlocked at about 2000 hours but I was stuck using an orange longbow for a good 1.3k of those hours despite kruber being my most played.

Even though loot is far from the reason I play the game, I absolutely do agree the RNG needs some work, or some means to work around it

Vermintide 1 had quests and contracts to remedy the RNG elements…idk why we don’t have an equivalent in verm 2. Hell, tie it to weekly events or something


I agree with OP. The RNG in this game is complete horse sh##t and detracts from the overall experience. If Darktide has the same mechanics, I’ll probably give it a miss. I have better things to do. It took me 2,300 hours to get all red skins and I have to say that now that I don’t care about loot the game is way more fun. I seriously hope that the Athanor System becomes standard. I think that if Fatshark had any respect for their player’s time then they would allow them to get all skins within ~250 hours of game play, which has got to be a vanishingly small number of players as only 5% actually finish Skittergate on Legend. Grind does NOT equal good. The fun gameplay and high skill cap are what keep me engaged.

I played 125 hours of Deep Rock Galactic. While I enjoy Vermintide 2 game play way more, Deep Rock has a way better cosmetics system - there are many more cosmetics, they are much more specific and interchangeable (the pick axe has 5 different parts that can each be customized separately), and you obtain them ina much more rational manner (through weekly quests), and more importantly there aree no duplicates. Overall, the cosmetic system in Deep Rock is much more rational and satisfying than in Vermintide 2. Fatshark, please don’t use RNG and duplicates in Darktide. And don’t consider lame re-colours of existing cosmetics as ‘new’ - Lohner’s Emporium is a huge disappointment because of the lack of original cosmetics.


I don’t know about the rest of the post but I agree with this.

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The RNG reward system in V2 is probably the worst I’ve seen in many games and I used to grind an entire weekend to get full armor sets in MMO games.

*Quests & Contracts should most definitely come to V2 so we can hunt for the things we do want.

*Certain weekly events should reward 1,000 shillings for the quest. Why? Because Ranald’s Sparking Gift exists, that’s why. Also, it takes AGES to grind shillings to get the items we want the most.

*Decrease the drop chance of jewelry in reward boxes. If I get one more red charm I swear by Taal, I’m gonna lose my mind…

*Unlock different color illusions to be used in the main game by completing that wind set in Weaves. Jade > green, Gold > gold, Amethyst > pink, etc.

Put some sort of tracker in the game to boost item drop chance for items you have not received. This way we don’t get 300 red charms before we get something we actually need/want.

It gets really annoying to get the same weapons or jewelry over and over when I’ve been waiting for the orange Crusher skin for Kruber’s 2h hammer for almost 3 years now…


The loot system is really a big criticism of the game. It does not contribute to the flow of the game, it only affects the learning curve negatively and, worst of all, it is not rewarding.

The flow of the game is not so much influenced by the loot system as by item levels. In my opinion, item levels and item strength are irrelevant to the game, since the focus, the part of the game that covers most of the game time, refers to Champion+ difficulty levels and the equipment includes mostly orange items with good properties. So blue and green items are actually only for scrapping and are only “used” for the first few hours of the game at most. So why keep them at all?

The additional properties that higher item levels bring with them do not have much influence on the learning curve of the game. The learning curve should generally be defined by the difficulty levels and not by unnecessary parameters like equipment or character skills. This does not mean that variable character skills or weapon abilities are unnecessary, on the contrary, they provide variety, variety that should be available from the beginning. The ability to challenge higher difficulty levels should be determined only by the player’s skills, nothing more.

Based on this, if you just level up items in general, i.e. get “red items” from the beginning (I would also delete the item traits at this point, but that’s another discussion), you could delete this loot system, which mostly only provides items that are melted down again to get materials that hardly serve any purpose, because you can only use them to make items that you get anyway.
Or you could just skip the part where you get random loot from some boxes and give the player the materials from which you can make the desired items yourself (that would also avoid this annoying opening of boxes). This way you could make the whole game flow much more linear and balanced.

With these materials you could continue to create illusions, change the color of clothes and armor, maybe build the long awaited keep decorations… As @SirKruber mentioned, Quick Play Weaves could provide special colorants (maybe based on the color of the weave) for the just mentioned clothing/armour as a reward and would perhaps offer a greater incentive to play them at all. In Lohners Emporium you would then only buy the blueprints.

Anyway, this would be a complete restructuring and would probably cost a lot of development time. If it is worth it can only be decided by FatShark, but we are only in year 2.5 of the announced 5-10 years of support.

I hope that it doesn’t or if it does it is in a different iteration than to the one we have access to now. You cannot have 2 of the same weapon in there so certain meme but fun weapon combos would be inaccessible whilst different builds require different properties, hence you would have to go into the Athanor and manually re-apply every single property all the time.


Yeah, good point. If it comes with an option to save setups, or if it designs and exports weapons, that would work though.