Loot system and forging

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Loot system: Are you planning to reform the whole system? I can say, lots of people hates that, when you open 16 emperor’s vault, 6 general’s, and you get 2 red charms. I have a Saltzpyre over 340 lvl, opened tons of chests, vaults, and i got no red illusion for crossbow. but i got tons of charms, necklaces, trinkets. Same as for dual daggers, none came but a dozen of the volley xbow. Some weapons have a higher chance to drop - at least that’s waht i saw -, others much lower.

I know that on some point the collectible stuff is the main reason for people to play, but the chances are so low, it becomes pointless to count on drops. The Bögenhafen skins kind of ugly for me, you did a good jom on the veteran illusions.

I hope with the emporium you wont add another recolored skins like with bögenhafen chests. low budget, this game could be as good looking as good it is (lots of bad stuff going on still, at least you began to fix the issues)

Forging: Is that intentional that if you want to reroll a wepon for example to attack speed and crit chance you need to reroll over 70 times? And this is not a single occasion, the reroll is just a pain in the @ss. this is too much time. others waiting for you, you want to do a deed, but you want to craft something for that sepcific deed, and you need to sit, pushing the reroll button over and over again. oh, i forgot, you will run out of green dust, because legend doesnt drop those items, so you need to convert it by 10. Why not by 100? why cannot type in how many di I want to convert? This is definately needs a rework.


Yep… agree with you on all points. I have tons of unopened chests because opening them and salvaging stuff is just time consuming chore, I’ve pretty much given up on ever getting the red illusions for half the weapons since it just doesn’t happen. But hey I got like five of the exact same red beam staff that I never use, that’s great :face_with_monocle:

I’ve been trying some new builds and even when playing alone it is so frustrating trying to roll new stats for all the reason you mentioned. Just sitting there and clicking reroll until I get lucky. At some point after having hundreds of hours and mountains of dust I would like another option besides pseudo random dice simulator.


Even when I decide to waste hours of my life watching chests open I only get so far before I get the

“You inventory is full”

Message and have to go an waste hours of my life salvaging pointless tripe.

It’s like a real-life dead end job without the small bonus of actual cash to spend on beer.


I have more than 250 commendation chests. Dont even bother to open them, just need to salvage then by 9. Clicking 9 items, salvage. And so on. It just kills the mouse :smiley:

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