The Loot System still suffers

So, the craft-able reds are a good idea, however without the proper illusions to go with its kind of a moot point for those of use that like the glow, not to mention some people (self included) ended up scraping a ton of reds before the fix just because things were cluttered, having x10+ dupes of the same weapon ect. My proposal for illusions is simple. If you craft a red, lets say a 1h sword. You can then go to a craft illusion tab, and use a mix of dusts to craft said illusion where it would be…
Is weapon 1h sword = true
Is weapon Veteran Quality = true
then it crafts a random red illusion of the ones available so you can then apply and use it for that weapon. This achieves 2 goals. 1, it lets us put illusions on crafted reds, 2 it lets us craft the illusion we actually want for said red.
In addition, I think the commendation exclusive cosmetics should be added to normal chests, getting more vendor trash off Emps Vaults feels pretty bad imo.

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While I agree that the current loot system has some problems, and disagree with the lack of crafted illusions, it looks like a partial solution is a work in progress. No ETA. Also no comment, afaik, on fixing duplicate red drops or the high % chance of red jewelry.

Linking the posts here so it’s more visible.


I see, the missing Veteran illusion (on my crafted Veteran Staff) is a feature, not a bug.

I see OP’s point. But, in order to keep things as simple as possible, I’d ask (the makers), why the/a proper illusion (=blueish glow) can’t just come right with the crafting. I gave up five other red items to craft it, that should earn the new red item its proper glow, no?

I was afraid to join Legend runs with that not glowing staff, expecting to be flamed, like “hey, how come you on Legend without Veteran gear!”

As Illusions can also be changed to a “lower-grade” ones, and could be before, and some people actually prefer those, looking at one’s weapons’ appearance tells nothing. Also, people can (and some will) blame you for: playing off-meta builds, playing “overused” meta builds, playing any particular Career, making a single mistake, giving the one point of ff in the match, etc. so don’t be afraid for that. Besides, people are running Legend on all kinds of gear and at under level 20, and succeeding, so any of the aforementioned reasons for “suboptimal” play is irrelevant.


I think your fear is very unwarranted. I regularly de-glowify my red weapons and I have never heard a comment about weapon having a glow or not having it… not even before crafting reds was a thing.


Cool, thanks for your feedback, Ilex.

Then, probably I have to re-adjust my own view of things and relax a bit more. And should refrain from rating players’ items (and power) by Veteran glows : )


Thanks for the relief news : )

You are right, I guess, people looking for a fault in their team’s gameplay will have enough things to pick on. This said, I like to thank the (Vermintide) community for (generally) beeing nice players. We get bad talk only on rare occasions. Especially, when compared to other games, I find


I use violet on shade, blue with rest of elf and no glow on everybody else because I think it looks horrible there. (some dwarf runes are the exception) When we get the strength potion as a glow I will use that on Sienna.

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same, I don’t really like a lot of the purple glows but Dusk and Dawn swords on shade look good.

i dont get it why ppl care for illusion? u have perfect rols i mean thats all i ask to get… fk the glow

I thought, people want to SEE the Veteran quality (=the glow) in my weapons, so they accept me as part of the group in higher difficulties of the game. I got the answer, that nobody cares about glows, regarding my qualities as a team member.

But, there seem to be many, who are into illusions (and different glows) for the looks, concerned with colors matching character design.

Guess, I played too much Overwatch. Rank numbers, golden weapons, levels (stars) and medals are very important there. And quickly used to state who’s the noobs in the team …

siriusly? thank god i did not play that game


Overwatch is a very cool game, with a bunch of very cool playable Characters, cool sound, cool animation, beautiful maps, lots of good humor, serious action and a sufficently wide range of game modes and events. You should give it a try, really.

But. Every game (6 vs. 6) you have six losers on one end or the other. In competetive game mode this means losing rank points and potentially degrading in rank (i.e. falling from Gold to Silver). This makes some matches to show very tense players and bad losers (and bad winners, too, for that matter). It begins with players ragequitting (called “leavers”, team will have to continue with 5 vs. 6, spot will not be filled by a new Player) and ends with calling players to be reported (to Blizzard) for trolling or stuff.

So. While beeing one of the coolest games around, competition in Overwatch MAY lead to some not so nice chat encounters. Which you always can mute ofc : )

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