12th red swift bow - where is my dang RED GLAIVE already?

Over 3000 hours and I have almost all red/blue illusions. At this point, opening a legendary chest with 2 reds (one a charm and one a swift bow) kind of ticks me off. I lost count on charms I’ve deconstructed the extra 12 swift bows.

Add the blue illusions to the shop already, Fatshark. You’ve added everything else along with “cosmetics” now. The loot table is obviously a joke at this point to drop the Glaive illusion I’m trying for.

Plz wake up Fatshark . Thanks


Yeah, the loot system is a bad joke.

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But still better than V1 situation.

In V1, I consistently received ONE red weapon per MONTH + 1-2 from the Contract’ board.

In V2, I consistently get FIVE red weapons from ONE HUNDRED chests. (Commendathon Chests don’t count. In principle, I will not open them. When the problem of duplicating hats is solved, I will be able to open the Commendation Chests).

At the expense of illusions - I can also confirm. If the chance of a drop of an item is random, there is a chance to DO NOT GET this item ever. For example, I still do not have not only all glowing illusions, but also some non-glowing ones (which are on orange weapons. Yes, they can be bought for shillings, but I will not do that, of course)

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You sir, have the worst luck i´ve ever seen O_O

Took me 2,300 hours to get all red illusions. The last thing I needed was one of the 1H hammer skins. I opened every vault I got as Bardin and ended up getting 128 duplicate reds before the skin finally dropped. If you are generous and assume a 20% drop rate for reds, then that’s still 640 legend or cata games. The RNG is too much BS and makes the game really frustrating. It would be better if you got the skins through challenges on legend+, just like the DLC weapon skins; or just give us one of the red illusions randomly when we forge a red weapon. Let’s hope Darktide crafting is better and more fairly designed.

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I agree - just add them to the shop now since everything seems to be going cosmetic for $…

Having to pay 5 red dust to get a red is an high enough cost to me. Just give us a random free skin when you craft a red weapon, no need to add another layer of requirements.

Alternatively, change how opening a chest works, so that skins yet to be obtained take priority over the ones you already have.


Dilbert comic strip explaining how Ranald / RNG works.


I kid you not - today - pilgrimages all day on champ. I got 5 red volley crossbows.

Loot table isn’t broken at all … na, that’s normal.

Actually - that’s a good idea. They included the red skin on the Forgotten Relics Pack DLC. Why not include it when you make one out of red dust?

I doubt they would fix priority on skin drops that are needed. The chests are still duping hats… (sheesh)

Red Glaive finally dropped… only took 3 months.

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You are happy! :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

I still need: glowing illusion ‘Endbringer’ and not-glowing ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’. Second illusion, even is not red - but categorically refuses to drop.

This I say only about the glaives. There are weapons where the situation is much worse.

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