Do non-Veteran weapon illusions really need to be so rare?

So, I really appreciate the update that gave us red dust and the ability to craft items with perfect stats. It’s pretty great because RNG has decided to keep certain weapons out of my reach while bestowing me with a great bounty of certain others (not to mentions necklaces, charms, and trinkets…) I don’t really even mind too much that we don’t get the Veteran weapon glow for crafted reds (but for the record, I would vote to give us Veteran weapon skins for the cost of 5 red dust.) I understand the decision and also it would be a weird thing technically to incorporate at this point.

However, what can be kind of annoying is being stuck with a base weapon skin because RNG doesn’t want to give me any other weapon illusions. It’s fairly frustrating that the weapon illusion unlock feature showed up after so many hours in the game, but especially after having seen certain weapon illusions drop that are awesome but I wasn’t of the mind to hold on to them for whatever dumb reason I had (at one point I only cared about Veteran illusions, and everything else was garbage in my mind.)

Would it be a difficult task of turning up the chance for weapon illusions to drop for higher rarity/weapon power items? It just seems a little absurd to get a Recruit skin for a Kruber weapon when it’s a lvl 300 Exotic weapon. There are some neat illusions I can see using the Armory mod that I would love to acquire, but right now the chances seem extremely unlikely I’ll get any desired illusion; Veteran or otherwise. Like, depressingly unlikely…And in my humble opinion, that’s not great game design. On the bright side, it seems like an easy fix that I can’t imagine would upset anybody.

Thanks for any consideration you may put into this topic.

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I think this is why they implemented purple glow weapon skins, and for my own case, I feel the red weapons in general are dropping much more frequent now then earlier.

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I know the pain, I had to open about 800 lootboxes on Saltz to finally get the Weischbach Rapier illusion for the first time. That being said, there are other options and I was quite happy with my Truthseeker Rapier and might actually like it better anyways. And the fewer illusion options a weapon has, the more likely you are to get the one you want. Also, for the halberd for example, the “best” illusions look like total crap to me, and I actually by far prefer the most basic one.

I completely agree. I’ve got around 250 hours in game. Guess how many non-standard 1h axe illusions I’ve had for Bardin? One. One for godssake. I’ve written about this here myself a while back, really hope we see a change in this.

The non-red illusions sometimes don’t look positively awful so yeah, I’m not a fan of this system. It’s bad enough weapons look like they’ve been decaying for a near hundred years across the board, but you can’t even get the scant few new ones they added that weren’t in V1.

I’m not even asking for more illusions to be made and added, just a higher chance of getting illusions (any rarity of illusions) if the items dropping are a higher power level and/or rarity.

While RNG could continue to be awful and refuse to drop certain skins, if the drop rate illusions increased by like 20% or something then that’s just fewer hours spent frustrated with hobo illusions.

And yes, halberd illusions are bad. I like the recruit’s and soldier’s versions, and the rest look are just awful. At the moment I just wish I had a decent 2 handed sword illusion… There are some cool skins that refuse to drop.

The biggest problem IMO is that even veteran items are trash-level destroyed. All of this while Bardin IB armor has not even 1 dent or scratch on it. But his weapons - pure umgak level.
Oh and Saltz gets red rapier skin that comes with patchwork pistol (so again - trash level)… Seriously? It’s like a piece of turd on top of a birthday cake. Thanks Fatshark!

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Yeah, the rapier itself doesn´t look terribly great imo, and what is worse, the illusion I talked about above (Weischbach Rapier) which is pretty damn rare, also has a patchwork pistol skin, which is just idiotic and frustrating :upside_down_face:

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