Vet weapon skin on upgraded weapons?

Can anyone at Fatshark give us any idea what you guys Are working on as far as getting veteran skins on the veteran weapons we craft ?

When the rebalance beta went live you guys said you could see the feedback was pretty overwhelmingly in favor of us having a way besides a random chest drop to get them and that you would be addressing that in a future update but I haven’t seen anything new about it since then.


Especially considering that one has to drop 5 useless red items to craft one actually useful. Yeah, I got 4 or 5 (can’t remember) 1h hammers all with the same illusion, I can scrap 2-3 of those, I have 3 2h axes, I can scrap 1 or 2, but generally it’s a bad idea to salvage reds we don’t have several of the same type in stock, since we’re theoretically always 1 patch away from salvaging the recently buffed flavor of the month weapon, and 2 per weapon type is a minimum if we want to switch builds quickly without excessive reroling.
Anyway, taking into account the expenses and time invested to get those 5 useless reds, it should be absolutely possible to get the illusion we want.
However, the illusions themselves are also a problem. Look at f.e. Templar’s rapier with a slightly broader blade, that looks like it could actually cut something, great hilt design and masterwork pistol - it’s a normal illusion. Veteran illusion is unbalanced rapier with glowing bits and… your standard, ugly and generally trash-level patchwork pistol. Possibly hundreds of legend runs to get this particular weapon and player gets an illusion that is simply ugly and the weapon itself has “low quality” written all over it (I mean the pistol part, the rapier is tolerable). And with addition of falxe, rapier is still decent, but the main reason I’m using it is style. So instead of veteran illusion I’m using a normal one - similiar thing with Bardin’s hammer - there’s this marvellous dragon’s head hammer illusion, but both veteran illusion are surprisingly uninspiring, and 1 of them is just extremely ugly (a disproportionately huge glowing block of metal on a short handle - blah).

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