Upgrade exotic item to veteran without veteran skin

Why when i upgrade an exotic item to veteran item, i don’t get a veteran skin? 5 bright dust and still don’t win the skin. :sob:

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Santa knows exactly how naughty you’ve been. He has your browser history. No Red Skin For YOU! Dirty boy.


I came here to shatter someones hopes and dreams only to find it in pieces already.



In my opinion, fatshark must change this.

In my opinion what’s mostly broken about this is the fact that you need 5 reds to get a new one. Why on heart would they be so cruel? This feature is to mitigate bad luck, it’d do its job more effectively if the trade would be 1-1 or 1-2. I think 1-1 could work illusionless 1-2 or even 1-3 with illusions


I Agree with you.

The conversion is mainly an end game thing. It’s for people who want to fiddle with weapons and have tons of red charms/necklaces/trinkets just lying around. Getting a “real” red illusions is still supposed to be relatively rare.


I’ve been very critical of this choice as well. You can read some back-and-forth on the topic here.

The two main reasons for no-illusions I’ve seen from Fatshark are:

  1. It would cheapen the collections of people that had earned the red illusions the RNG way.
  2. Crafting reds isn’t as special as getting them via RNG, so you don’t deserve the illusions on them.

I find that even most people with 1000+ hours are in favour of illusions on crafted reds, so that would seem to deal with (1) . For (2) I think this is a bad misread of what five duplicate reds actually represents. I see five reds you don’t want as representing roughly… 40 hours of legend full-book gameplay? It’s a lot. For FS to say “nah, 40 hours of playing the game and then being dissappointed by RNG (with no dupe protection) isn’t enough to earn you a full red”? That stikes me as tone-deaf. I have a little pile of sad red dust but I don’t even feel like bothering to use it. My oranges are close enough to perfect rolls and I’ve got tons of them to cover various options.


Everyone I know is against this, so I’m curious how you came to that conclusion…

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Might say more about the people you know? xD

We’ve had multiple long threads on the subreddit, wherein many veterans are far more excited about getting the last reds they’re missing without playing another 400 hours vs. being miffed that newer players will have it easier than they had it. That’s where my assessment comes from. Obviously these things are hard to assess conclusively.


This is the first time I hear there’s people close to having a complete collection of items in VT2. How many hours have they played? I guess quite a few thousands! Would you by any chance know if they are close to having full cosmetics or if those are still in a different league?

I had all the cosmetics for elf with around 500-600 hours. Hats and armour.

My mate has every single red weapon, but he had around 1300 hours at that point.

The played time is not indicative because of the unfair “random” system. I write “random” because rolling the same properties 3 times in a row or keeping repeating the same props combo, it’s a really strange randomness.

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I have like 700+ hrs played, it’s actually hard to tell the exact time coz I played a lot on a modded realm, and there is no llot there, w/e I’m talking only about 700+ hrs played on official realm, I opened around 850 commendation chests (leveling heroes+prestige lvls+okri’s) and I got 4 hats and 0 skins from them… 850 commendations= 4 hats and 0 skins, seems legit.

I got a lot more skins/hats from DLC chests, but there is a problem, DLC chests are giving me stuff for a tandom hero, not for what I want.

There are 54 weapon types total in VT2, I have 30 different red weapon types with illusions, all other reds I have are crafted ones. And you know, there are some weapons I have seen like 5-10 dupes with only one red illusion, while it has 3 different illusions.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell, I have 700+ hrs and I don’t have full cosmetics or full set of non-crafted reds for ANY CHARACTER. And if I play another 500 hrs or 1000 hrs, even 2000 hrs there is no guarantee that I’ll get all cosmetics and weapon illusions I want. There even are some weapons I had 5-10 dupes all with the same skin, and I know that all of them has at least 2 red skins, some of them more than 2.

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I’m level 30 and I complete a few champions. I got the boxes, which one with 1 weapon that said red, but the weapon was for another character that was not mine. What does that mean?! That I got nothing instead?!

Time to re-think for me. Too much time-consuming. I am no longer plying this. I am done after 3 weeks

Bye bye :wave:

Yeah if all you need from the game is cosmetics, run like hell. We’re all happier for it and you’re saved from the utter trash garbage that is shatfark’s cosmetics across the board. Most of the hats look abominable and the red weapons look like jedi glowsticks. Nobody wins if you stay, especially since you opened a box on a different character and then pretended it wasn’t what you opened it on, as if we’d believe you. We don’t need more ‘mains’ anyway.

That’s unlucky :frowning: I got something like 3 hats back to back. Had all the elf hats back in July, and I think I have all the Bög ones now as well, that’s if there is only 1 per class. As for weapons, I have all the elf ones as well, I opened nearly every single vault on the elf as I was trying to get the dual daggers, which I didn’t get until 800+ hours xD Had up to 5 dups of other items though. Been getting a bit more lucky now with other characters. Got 8 reds for Sienna in just the last 2 days, 4 of which were double red drops, 2x red in each vault back to back. Every single one has been a different red. So I’ve got all the red staffs I want for her and a flame sword and dagger as well. Similar to Salty boi, got 1 of each melee weapon besides the axe. And all ranged weapons except I got 3 xbows. Which was ok as I could build them different for each class. I’ve melted down well over 60+ reds to craft weapons on Kruber and bardin. Still have something like 15 red dust just sitting around in case I want to try another weapon build.


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