Upgrade exotic item to veteran without veteran skin

Also, as I mained on WS and HM. After I got all the hats on her, it started giving me hats for other random characters if I opened the commendation chests on her still. So I had a healthy amount of hats for the other characters before I even started to play them on Legend.

But we’re talking about prety crazy amount of playtime. I have only a few games I played more than 1k hrs, Diablo 2, WOW, Dota&Dota 2 and Lineage 2. TBH I played VT1 around 500-600 hrs and I had all red weapons and a lot more cosmetics then in VT2, and all this hundreds and thousands of hours may sound wierd for the most players, coz they don’t spend so much time in one game nowdays.

Yea, I can understand that. I tend to stick with one game for a long time. Before this it was Dreadnought, which I got to T5, top 0.5% of the community. At that point, only around 50 people worldwide had T5 ships and we had to organize ourselves on discord just to get matches going at that tier. Before that I played BF3 and Insurgency, well over 2k hours on BF3, rank 70 something worldwide for my weapon load-out.

And yea, RNG can be so unforgiving. That’s why I’ve suggested before that they add a weekly quest which gives a helmet and another for a red weapon. That way you’re guaranteed at least 1 helmet and red weapon per week, even if you can’t manage to play at the Champion-Legend level yet.

@smoker with that suggestion of 1 per week, we’d have an outcry in quite a short amount of time about the lack of new hats.

I’ve got all vanilla hats for Kruber (as I haven’t brought DLC) with about 700 hours played. I suspect it’s going to be spring before we have any hope of a “Crafting Beta” patch and this is assuming the PS4 port is almost ready to launch for Christmas.

My personal hope would be the option to build your own Hats/Illusions by using the metric-ton of scrap I’ve got and some dust combinations to get the things I’d like.

1 hat per week = 9 weeks to unlock all the commendation hats for just one character. 45 weeks for all characters. That’s close to a year xD I know you’d still have the chance of getting them from chests, but at least this will help out all the people with really bad luck RNG.

You’re right, but the people who only play Sienna aren’t going to think about all the other stuff they could get for other Characters and will simply spam all of FS online feedback areas with I WANT MOAR HATZ! UNLOCK THE ALL HATS MOD FFS!

I’ve gotten dozens of veteran weapons and I still don’t have the one I want. I’m okay with that because cool illusions are just icing on the cake of the base game, and I can use red dust if I really need max stats. However, it would be cool if we got a system like VT1’s questboard where a particular veteran or cosmetic item is offered for completing quests (or deeds), so at least people can keep an eye out for their favorite.

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850hrs and I had to make my bardin red 2h axe.

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