You just lost me as a customer with this patch, Fatshark

We joked that you guys would just add more loot chests to the Quests/Challenges and that’s what you did.

What’s even worse is that you added a chance to get Veteran items to commendation chests. So now people will get red weapons without ever stepping out of recruit. So having a red weapon is no longer any sign of any skill whatsover.

And you raised the droprates (after evidently decreasing them without announcement before) a little without adding any sort of solution to decrease variance at the tail ends. Going from 99% chance to not get a red to 98% chance to not get a red isn’t even worth the time it took for a dev to make that change - you understand this right? I’d rather you not even bother than bump it up a fraction of a percent, which does nothing other than a placebo effect that doesn’t change any individual’s real experience with the loot.

Nearly 800 hours into your game, with 3 veteran weapons, let me say in the strongest possible terms I am incredibly disappointed with you now as a developer. The bugs and everything I could overlook as you fixed them pretty quickly, but you have failed to listen to the most important thing your customers are telling you: How to make them feel rewarded for playing your game. I had hope that Quests and Contracts would fix things, but this is just a laughably awful continuation of the status quo. Quests and Contracts might as well not even exist. I don’t want to bother with your extra interface and distractions for another 98% chance to get a bunch of junk that will just take me time to delete and give me no benefit for having or deleting at this point.

Opening chests at this point isn’t fun. I don’t even bother to scrap my loot anymore it would take so much time, so I just have pages and pages of items accumulating. There really isn’t even a reason to want red weapons anymore either since they are no longer a sign of skill.

So congratulations, Fatshark. You managed to disappoint everyone: You allow reds to be acquired by new players with no skill from the easiest difficulty. But you keep them so rare that anyone actually trying to collect them has zero expectation of ever getting anything in a reasonable time frame. You could easily be just like me, 3 red weapons in 800 hours, only one of which you use.

I’m done trying to convince you, Fatshark. I just won’t buy anything from you anymore. Not interested in the DLC unless I Get the full set on firesale for 99 cents like what originally drew me into V1. I won’t be buying any of your future products either because I can’t trust you not to bug them up on release.

I had a lot of fun playing your game, but it was never rewarding. How you messed up this basic relationship is truly an impressive feat of design.

ya basic


I thought you’d left already last time you posted how disappointed you were and how furious as a customer you are etc etc? Or maybe the time before that? What about the time before that?



Q_Q cry moar

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Wanted to say smth. constructive, but whatever. This post is out beyond comprehension. Content update is cool, they deed it right as it was expected, things are a bit cooler now, and so on. You’re just overreacting on your fantasies on what you want or think should be. Update will revitalize the game a lot, and cosmetics are not the core endgame, so if you like the gameplay, then why do you care which kind of yat you wearing? Probably you spoke all you think already multiple times, but I doubt there are anything worth repeating. Hope you reconsider your behavior and the way you handle your expectations.


Kruber, please, we all know you’re not gonna leave. You did this like 3 times already, this is getting a little bit old.

But we still love you, don’t get me wrong.



What will the Ubersreik four and Kerillian be without you?!

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When was red item EVER any sign of skill?


I’m not disappointed.


So you being disappointed equates to everyone being disappointed…right.

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That KrazyKruber :smiley:


Did you even give the patch a try? It like… just came out. And people are already crying.

Also if you look in more detail you’ll see you can earn cosmetics, borders etc… not just chests. The extra chests are just there for fluff and to help you feel like you’re getting somewhere, they’re all free, nobody is pressuring you into getting them all and besides the long ‘‘loot received’’ screen it’s quite alright in achieving what it’s meant to do…


We can only say that you must find some way to enjoy this game.

Its fine to complain once in a while. I have done that too.

However, consider leaving the game if you think its not giving you enjoyment (or loot) you seek.

For many of us, we just look beyond this game’s flaws.

V2 is a great way for me to spend my time then to have a blast after work.

Sometimes if you play too much of anything, you will see its flaws then will grow to hate it. Consider playing the game less. No game is perfect. V2 is far from it, but I don’t want to play other games even tho i can.

Aren’t the alt skins for achieving Champ and Legend runs (not to mention borders) way better shows of your skill than reds?


I practically woke up with a boner the day this patch was released.

I for one was not dissapointed.


Hey i think I posted that i was done with this game on on your post about dup cosmetics.

I got an email about the update and it look good in paper but im ar work so i cant test it, is it actually improved or is it just a bandaid for end game?

tl;dr since you’re at work

  • Lots of stuff to do, basically.
  • Some retroactively completed quests with free boxes
  • some easy ones that are quick to do and some with cosmetics etc.
  • Reds now drop from commendation chests
  • A few undocumented fixes
  • temporary new keep look due to throne of skull sales
  • did I mention daily quests and an event?

Rest is up to you to find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The future looks better at least.

One con is the fact that some back-end errors are popping up when crafting/during missions but I think that’ll be hotfixed soon.


it never was, it was just RNG


yuuuup I use 0 of my red weapons and I have almost 40 reds now in total.

i REALLY hope it solves the end game, this game desperately needed something to do after reaching max gear lvl. im happy they fixed the dust because that was something i hated, and the final straw for me with this game was finding out that you can get duplicate cosmetics despite them being almost impossible to get (and i played a SHIZ ton of this game, i think im like over lvl 100 i can’t remember) but i loved this game until i found out how much a slap in the face i got from even bothering to play countless hours to get cosmetics or red items. i have a full set of reds plus more and not a single cosmetic.

it really was a punch in the gut to find that they did not even bother with a system to keep from getting dups from impossible to get items and just solidified the idea that this game was released unfinished and then i did research and found lots of missing features that were promised and then they released the huge bug patch that made the game more unstable then it already was and balancing was terrible.

i WANT to go home and find fun in progressing my character in this world… makes me sad when i get punched in the face by a game i liked initially.


Yea, I feel you, don’t worry. It’ll hopefully only get better over time, this is a step in the right direction for sure.

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