Cosmetics! 150h in game, hundreds of opened boxes- not EVEN ONE cosmetic item... This is absurd

Really, cosmetics were suppose to be a thing in this game, like something to really look foward to. Instead you made of them items EVEN RARER than red?! At least I got 3 red items so far, however NOT EVEN ONE GODDMAN Cosmetic. Not even one.

What even the point of adding them. I am V1 vet, I already have 150h in V2, but how many average casual players you think will want to sink 500h and more to see one or two cosmetic items?

At this point this is little riddiculous. I run game everyday and so I far I met NOONE with cosmetic item. Noone.


I have to agree with op but im not sure ive even seen any unique cosmetics in the game yet, maybe they arent in there yet or they just want to keep for later to keep people playing.


Yes, its part of the game so I will rant about it and its quite important for me. So if its not for you- you can just no comment here. Simple.


They are, you can check reddit. Its just super rare.

got a hat for shade from a lvl box but no red (170 h), they are rare…a bit roo rare i think

after an extreme legend session (4 days everyday 8 hours) I have to say, its a bit ‘rare’


Considering red items and cosmetics only drop from highest champion chests or legend chests they’re both part of the end game. Which means making them that stupidly rare isnt a good thing for the game. A game without a decent end game is a game that doesnt last long.


im with u buddy. I mean 8 hours should be at least 1 red item :confused:

im at 200 hours with 2 reds, 0 cosmetics.

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I feel you mate. This is just stupid at this point. If there is no end-game what am I suppose to do? I beat Legend runs, now I want to collect cosmetics and reds. If they don’t drop at all even if I grind for hours- I simply won’t have any motivation to play. If I play 150h and see only 2 red items and 0 cosmetics across all 30 level characters- that does not motivate me at all to play more.

This is just unrewarding experience at this point.


200 hours in, probably about 40+ Emperor vaults and countless Champion Emperor chests opened and I have yet to see a single red weapon let alone a cosmetic item.

I think at least 1 red or 2 for every 25-35 Emperor Vaults would make sense, I kind of miss the VT1 loot table of being able to see what gear you could roll on.


Yup, FS went overboard, they think it will make us play more- well, they are to be dissapointed…


A system like in rainbow six would be nice. After each chest withoot a red ur chance for good drops increase a bit


in b4 “vermintide should be played for fun not for loot” comments!


I’m all for it, but make that increase MINUTE.

Making reds common would be a problem.

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There were some really cool cosmetics in the first, if you didn’t already, why don’t you just transfer those over? Also make it hard to get cosmetics but not impossible

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A friend of mine contacted Fatshark on facebook, and apparently they want cosmetics to be more rare than reds.

This is pretty much backwards from what it was like in the previous game. In the previous game there was usually a hat on the loot table every other game or so, on the hardest difficulty, and they were -a lot- easier to get than reds. Reds you had to roll up to nr 6 or 7, hats you could get from 3-7.

Add to that, there used to be red hats as well. I wonder if they are even in the game now, if they are, no one will ever get those with the values we have now.

It can’t be right that you have to put 200+ if not more into this game to get something as silly as a hat, that the game probably has more than 1-2 of for each career.

In addition, there seem to be a lot of people getting them from commedation chests, and no one getting them from the hardest difficulty, so something seems off.

Since the hero power you get from legend isn’t different from champion, you should have a much higher chance to get cosmetics and reds from legend chests.

Great. Let add cosmetics to game, which most player won’t even ever see.

If that is true- that is really low FS, really low.

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Horribly low, and I hope they change it. It shouldn’t be like this. I have less time played in Vermintide 1, and more reds and hats. -Way- more hats.

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110h here, likewise no cosmetics. I’m hoping they re-introduce the bounty board from VT1 and have cosmetics as more attainable rewards from that.


206h, 1red 0cosmetics. starting to lose interest in the game, had 1200h in V1 and never got bored at endgame content, simply loved it because cosmetics were in reach. I feel no reach… no progression since days… no progression on my own playstyle since most wipes are because of strange patrols or 4 gasrats spawning right one after another… This game definitely needs some work, i can understand that they were nervous and perhaps not really ready for release… but theyre starting to lose a bit of the playerbase and we all know how V1 ended before its marketing boost.