Red and Cosmetic drop rates are too RNG

Let me preface and say that no, I don’t expect to have the best gear a week after launch. What I do expect is to see progress being made towards it. In Vermintide 1, you could see if you were close to rolling a cosmetic or red. You knew that if you could roll a 7, you’d get that red at the top, or that hat. They were attainable, even well before Quests and Contracts were a thing.

In Vermintide 2, you can’t see if you actually have a chance at rolling for a cosmetic or red. I have opened 62 LEGENDARY chests, almost all of which were generals, and a dozen or so Emperors. I have only gotten blues and oranges. Meanwhile, I open a dozen Champion Emperors I had saved from the beta and get two reds.

On top of that, cosmetic rarity. Hats were never this rare in VT1. You had the orange tier hats, which weren’t too hard to get, you’d get them as you played pretty much. Then you had the red tier hats, which took a bit but not horribly long if you played frequently. In VT2, hats are very, very rare, with most people saying they don’t even exist as maybe 5 pics with hats players have gotten have been posted on the web.

My point is that you can play hundreds of hours not getting any kind of cosmetic reward. On top of that, red weapons might as well be cosmetic too. Most people who get them are already power capped at 600. They mostly just want the skin.

I expect to be bombarded with posts about getting reds needing to fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment, but how bad this RNG is is atrocious. There are people with over 300 hours and 30+50 levels not having a single red. Bring back Quests and Contracts, show what you were close to rolling, do SOMETHING to show progress.


My problem is that since ranald was nerfed at launch its pretty much impossible to get emperor without getting dices or doing quick play on top of getting all grims and tomes.


What are you talking about? WIth 3t2g you have 100% general, so you only need 1 full bar from ranald to get there. its like 50% for me.

No, 3t2g only gives you soldier +50% you would need that 50% from quickplay or dices to have a go at emperor. Ranald will push it to general but it wont go to emperor.
Im running pretty much nonstop champion, go out of the most with 3t2g and i got 1 emperor chest so far after getting 2 dices.

Not only you need to play your best to get to emperor but getting emperor is only the middle step before you actually roll for items.


This is what gets me; It’s essentially two luck rolls - to see if you get an emperors, and then to see if you actually get anything out of the emperors.

At the same time, however, I’ve had it where I opened three generals and an emperors and got nothing but greens/blues, but then open a soldiers and get two exotics. The RNG isn’t what’s wrong, but the fact that there isn’t any apparent structure to it, like the OP said.


Quality of chest definitely affects rarity of drops, but you arent guaranteed anything.

emperor wont ever drop whites and thats pretty much it.

I opened well over 100 before my first red.

Thats super false, i’ve done 3 tomes 2 grims, 2 dice, and gotten Soldier’s plenty of times on legend (wasn’t QP tho)

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Maybe its not supposed to happen but i’ve 100% found whites in an Emps.

Then you probably opened them on a low level char.

30(+50) too low?

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sounds pretty low

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Game has too many layers of RNG considering it’s first and foremost an action game and not an RPG.

  • Do dice spawn on the map, if so is it one or are there two
  • Ranalds can lift you over a whole box level or give you like 1/5 of a box level
  • Item quality in the box
  • Which items do you get
  • Property rolls on the items
  • Trait rolls on the items

Add to that “soft RNG” like

  • Which map do you get, you can get a fairly easy one or a boss map in QP
  • What party members do you get in QP
  • Boss, special, horde spawns

Imo dice should not increase the box level but the chance for higher level/quality loot in the box.

Preferably Ranalds should give you a bonus according to how well the party performed. Depending on times downed, times died, ally heals, assists, aides and other team actions Ranalds should give you a higher or lower bonus. I know he’s the god of luck and that’s currently represented, but if you get through the level with 3t2g and zero or very few times downed you should get an Emperors, period.


mine was a hagbane. it had the same skin as two other hagbanes i have sitting in my inventory.

feels bad man.

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i agree, in vt1 you could wince at a low roll when you really really wanted the red that was on top of the roll stack.

but in vt2… you don’t know what you are missing out on.

it’s like playing jackpot without knowing the jackpot, or if there even is a jackpot. casinos always show the possibility of the big win to get people to come back for more!

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Pretty sure vaults are currently bugged or, what in my opinion is even more likely, have an intentional lower droprate for reds than emperor chests to artificially increase the longevity of the game for it’s hardcore playerbase until the first dlc releases. Said dlc will most likely be accompanied by a system to get highend gear and cosmetics either via deeds or quests & contracts.

Yes, chance for quality depends on chest grade not difficulty.
Obviously though veteran and recruit chest cant drop red because power limit.

Peasant chest will drop pretty much all whites regardless if its legend or recruit one.

I feel like we Fatshark went 1 step forward and two steps back when it comes to loot in vermintide 2. While the system is better than vermintide 1’s complete rng-fest when the game came out we managed to go backwards compared to quests and contracts.

Being able to see how far you were off from a red was much nicer and helped made them seem much less elusive. I personally found the grind to 300 item power to be annoying as anything I got was throw away loot till 300. Quests and contracts plus being able to reroll traits and percentages separately meant I felt like I was always progressing towards better loot. Vermintide 2 it feels completely random whether I get an upgrade.

Also, while its nice that the quickplay bonus as a deterant from people spamming one easy to farm level like vermintide 1 pre-contracts, I dislike how much of a punishment it feels to play a map that I actually feel like playing unless I rng for it in quickplay.

Its just annoying how much the game relies on rng. Rng for your loot box followed by rng for your actual loot. Rng for both your traits and percentages. You can’t just work towards perfect percentages like vermintide 1. Quickplay bonus means I also have to rng for a particular map I feel like playing.

There are positive changes though. I do like how you can craft a particular item you want and chests drop items for the character you currently have selected. Its also sort of nice that all reds are “good” as a lot of vermintide 1 reds were less desirable than oranges.


I really dislike how rare cosmetics are and how few of them there are. There should be tons more cosmetics.


Yeah a big part of the problem with the new loot system is you don’t even know if you were close to a red or not. THe dice showed you oh you were one off. Now you just get 100 chest of blue.s if you opened 100 chest and got 2 reds you are lucky actually. but ya it might just be bugged.

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