Loot , frustration designed

I don’t care about loot , well in this game, its just cosmetic really or so minor a boost as to not matter , 240 hours in over 200 commendation chests with no cosmetic drop , and all the emp/gen chests on the way there for just one red charm, which goes to highlight how bad a system RNG is for small odds rewards but that’s a different thread.

so why do i,who cares about as little as its possible to care and only hits that play button for the fun of playing find myself getting annoyed and frustrated with the loot system?

Its because thats how its been designed, the end game reward is loot , yes there is xp to but thats sole function at max level is to generate loot. during the game all the side/optional tasks are to increase the quality of the loot.

Then we have the endgame reward screen , it wouldn’t be out of place in a wilson loot box game, if it was deliberate or simply by adopting the convention i don’t know but you implement all the little manipulations you find in gambling, the bar fills up its accompanied by flashes and crescendos of sound , a slowing click ticking up and up will it make it? hold your breath in anticipation!

but there is no delivery , this isnt a loot driven game and i didnt care till you spent all this time and effort making me anticipate this reward , that isn’t going to be there.

By spending so much effort on building player anticipation you make the lack of delivery so much more aggravating.

Im not saying you need to hand out more loot , though i do think that RNG is a terrible method we knew sucked 25 years ago and how its still getting into games is frankly a mystery to me.
i am saying do not tickle my balls if your not going to follow through.


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