Devs: KEEP the loot system as it is!

Don’t feed into the immediate gratification crowd! It’s awesome how the system rewards those who keep coming back. I think its awesome that we have extremely rare stuff – that’s how it should be!!


I think the loot system is fine, they just need to make adjustments to heroic deeds IMO.

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So, why am I not rewarded while still coming back ? :thinking:


maybe you need to focus on having fun? if the game isnt fun then maybe its not the game for you?

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It doesn’t reward people who keep coming back though, you can pour hundreds of hours in this game and not get a red or cosmetic. It’s all luck, again I imagine the only people who make these sort of threads got their cool rare item and just want their stuff to stay exclusively to themselves for a bit longer.


What aspects of the loot system are you referring to?
I’ll certainly agree that giving rewards randomly at the end of missions is much better than accumulating currency to trade for exactly what you want. It bothers me a little when people suggest things like that.

Currently however, playing on the highest difficulty gives no better chance of getting reds than the second highest difficulty. It may actually provide lower chances. It is also not possible to get cosmetics from playing the highest difficulty at all.

Essentially, the game is rewarding players who farm the lower difficulties more than those with the skill to consistently beat Legend maps.

In Vermintide 1, reds were originally only available by beating Cataclysm. So you HAD to play the top tier difficulty to get the top tier loot.

There is also the issue of looting <300 power items when you are at maximum power. This means that end-game, you are only getting a 50% chance of end-game loot. I would say that the loot system needs some minor adjustments, but is fundamentally sound.


Legitimate question: why?

There are currently a…faction…of people who like to go on about how this isn’t a loot game. If this isn’t a loot game, then adding a straightforward method to acquiring gear like any RPG/Action adventure would have seems fine.

Like honestly whats wrong with acquiring some currency like…idk…red coins? Sounds stupid yea, but what if you got 1 coin from doing a legend run (2 from boss maps). Then they added a new NPC merchant where you can buy your stuff. Make it something like 50-100 legend runs for a single red. 150-200 for cosmetics or something. Point is whats wrong with having a system like this? More over one that could be applied to all rarities, item illusions, skins, hats ect. You get to farm your little heart out for the things you want, and you never get disappointed by the things you don’t want but get anyway. Lots of RPG esq games have done just this (Gauntlet being my favorite example).

EDIT: To further clarify I’m not really sure why modern games and gamers flock to this RNG in the first place. Sure it has its places and moments when its super fun. Diablo 3 is a great example of this when loot is thrown at you like crazy, you can get 5-6 legendaries in under 3 minutes. But the thing is, the entirety of diablo 3 is built around this core gameplay loop. The entire premise of the game is an RNG fest for loot. Its very user friendly despite being based around a non user friendly system. In most other games all it does is add an arbitrary and very cumbersome system for trying to get the things you want in a often times frustrating way.

Did I still play V2 for nearly 170 hours? yes.
Did I do it to grind for reds? yes.
Will I continue? yes.
Did I enjoy it? mostly.

Did I wish it was like gauntlet and let you just buy what you want? Absolutely.


Ah I dont know mang, those 2200 hours poured in VT1 indicates me that maybe I could like VT2.

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they definitely need to fix the lack of green dust. the loot system is OK but not perfect as it needs some tweeks like preventing repeating loot drops for reds and such. other then that i guess the raritys chances in general are ok.

lol get out with this troll post.
There is a happy middle between 1 red in 200+ hours and “instant gratification”. I’ve gotten one red, an accessory, with half the total time I put into V1 through its whole life, I got 14 reds in V1 and most of those I never even used.
After 200 hours in V2 I don’t even have anything to show off to other players. A month of nonstop grinding for one red that might be an accessory you can’t show off or a weapon that you won’t even use isn’t worth the effort of opening the boxes and scrapping all the junk.
Drop rates could definitely be increased a bit. I’m not asking for one a day or even one a week. But 1 every 50-100 hours would be nice.
Considering you can get duplicates, and there are tons of accessories as reds, it would take you infinity to collect them all atm.


i dont care how rare they are really , i get the argument that the harder they are to get the more rewarding it is , ive done some insanely rare farms in my time but i do think that RNG is a an unfair and unfun mechanism to rely on. i do not see why you cant upgrade oranges to reds , just make the cost the same for all and control rarity by cost.

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yeah I have 4 reds I won’t ever use right now, because they are all duplicates


Well I prefer the current RNG system honestly. I like the idea that when I open a box I might get something awesome but chances are I wont lol. A slow grind for coins/tokens to get some gear to grind for more gear to grind for even more gear is what turns me off to all the themepark MMO’s out there with that system. I hate it lol

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I feel like people haven’t played enough other games to get a reference of how this works.

D3 had a similar situation with the AH, after the RMT was removed. People were extremely unhappy with it. They wanted exactly what you’re talking about, to get the gear they wanted, not farm gold to buy it. Once it was removed and Reaper of Souls came out the game had a second life.

They also increased the rate at which items drop. People are acting like someone will quit if they get all the gear they want. That is likely. Most people stop playing a specific game and move on to another, if that wasn’t the case why release new games? When people leave your game you want them to remember a found experience. Not a “screw that game” experience. You want them to leave happy. If they leave happy they have a chance of coming back for a future DLC.

By making items EXTREMELY rare people will leave out of frustration and not give any future DLC a second chance or thought. If they leave content they will see a DLC and look forward to coming back.


I’ll come back for a DLC but im reaching the end of my ropes here in V2, the amount of bugs and absolute bullcrap that isn’t fixed coupled with the poor loot system, its terrible… like sick I got an executioners sword, good thing it phantom swings with 80% of its animations. Useless rubbish item that got me excited when I saw the red in my loot box


I reached the point where I won’t even open vaults because the RNG has been so bad. Right now the RNG is about to frustrate people away from the game instead of keeping them coming back.


I think what most people are saying is they want both.
Basically VT2 with bounty board.


Yeah probably both would be fine. I mean we already kinda have “both” via the crafting system - we just can’t craft reds - so maybe they should add a difficult way to craft reds in there.

I’ve been playing recruit missions with my friends even though my gear power is like 270 - via crafting I’m still able to increase my equipment power by breaking down the recruit boxes - which is nice - so maybe you can get some kinda special thing from breaking down enough powerlevel 300 equipment and then craft a red with it eventually.

Nope! Randal gift + loot dice is too casual.

Don’t know why people want reds that badly. You probably have legendaries already with “near perfect” stats and reds will give you just a slight bit of improvement.

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