Are you satisfied with the current loot system?


After you complete the survey please explain why you are, or not satisfied with the loot system.

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Not saying its perfect, theres still some stuff that could use improvements and we still have a bit too much random behaviour in there. Compared to V1 its a massive step in the right direction tho.

Same goes for rerolling traits and such. Its not perfect but again, youll have to be careful. If you make it too easy for ppl to just obtain whatever they want in a couple hours, youll soon have a bunch of ppl leaving because theyd get bored. Thats not to say everyone is here for the loot and the loot only, but many ppl draw a big portion of their will to play from loot and cosmetics etc.

I’m pretty satisfied with it. It’s an improvement on the previous game, though I guess reds and cosmetics are a little too hard to attain atm, and a little too bland in the former case.
We get lots of items. Reaching good rolls is sometimes a bit of a hassle, though, so there’s plenty left to be done.

Fix the issues with the green/blue dust in the crafting and I’d find the system pretty well off.

yea, i like getting a stroke after a “bit of a hassle” when i cant get the stat i would like on my orange item after 200+ rolls, and consuming all my green dust, since i have only mathematical but not real chance of getting a single red(or not to mention a cosmetic)

I think the loot system for the most part is fine, during leveling it is better. But the end game is pretty terrible just because it qol stuff it takes a long time to manage/scrap your loot and reroll properties. And the red chase is ridiculous

Last night a teammate got 2 reds and 1 hat in 4 legendary runs, bringing him to 7 total big drops in just over 100 hours. I have 1 red in 300 hours. Both of his reds were necklaces tho. The rng system Fatshark is using is such that there is this massive variance in distribution, and it is very discouraging.

Like, I couldn’t even be that happy for the friend since he got dupes, and accessories aren’t even really visible like red weapons would be, but dupes is better than nothing I suppose, and accessories better than a weapon you wouldn’t use.
it is just a very bad system to have in 2018

Id remove bit of the RaNaldGeesus.
You are doing legend run and if you want emp chest you need luck:

  • Will random patrol spawn directly on top of us? (take this as a joke :blush: )
  • Will we find loot dice in chests?
  • Will the sack rat spawn? :rat:
  • Will the sack rat drop loot dice? :rat::moneybag:
  • Will we get good Ranald roll? :crossed_fingers:

And then you still need luck to get good item from that chest, which might range from green/blue to 48th duplicate of red you already own.

You should be able to reach emperor just based on your own skill.
Maybe make that small “Ranald” based on damage taken/how many times you died or something like that?

Or remove it from reward table, make your primary reward based on tomes/grims and then create secondary loot for cosmetics/reds and that will depend completely on RNG and dice :cuba: you find during mission.

Or something like that. :upside_down_face:

I got red, I got cosmetic items, but the whole system feels somehow, well … wonky … I mean … uhm …not very satisfying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoy playing legends and deeds even knowing the chance for loot is so low, but I really just want something to show for my time, you know? so other players can see I put in effort.
in 300 hours I have a red trinket and that is it. nothing to show.
Even the skin tier that is above soldier/sergeant is ridiculously rare. and that barely turns the weapon from ‘an undecorated hunk of metal’ to it has a little frills.

A random horde spawned around me while i walked under the bridge at the beginning of Fort Brachsenbruche, and it was after the “fix patch” so unfortunately its still not a joke…

Cross referencing my other two threads for future reference.



Seems like I got more feedback on the steam forums over everything else. Hopefully the devs will notice the feedback on all mentioned threads.


After reaching a total sample size of 369. I can write up my conclusion.

369 unique individuals participated in the survey. Of those 369, 58% have voted that they are not satisfied with the current loot system, 37% have voted that they are satisfied with the current loot system. Remaining 4% have voted that they do not care.

I feel fully confident in saying that the majority are not happy with the system. Although the system is steps ahead of the last title, where getting loot in vermintide one was more or less a lottery ticket. In this title getting loot is a bit better. However, this is only true to some extent. Once you reach higher difficulty, and have max power, grinding for loot becomes frustrating. Now do note, I am not asking for reds to be given to me, or to be showered with hats and fancy skins. On the contrary I am asking to be rewarded for doing hard deeds and legend runs. As of this moment there is no real reason to attempt deeds other than for challenge. There is also no point in trying legend unless you wish to grind for the sake of grinding. Once you reach level 30, you are better off grinding in champion, than in legend. Reason being legend is very difficult, and you can get possibly nothing for your efforts.

Suggestions I have for improving the loot system will be to reintroduce the bounty board. Not completely copy and paste the bounty board here. Rather instead add your own spin to it, in true vermintide 2 way. Second I suggest for reds and hats to have their drop rates increased a bit, not a whole lot, but enough to make legend runs appealing. Lastly reward players for doing hard deeds with exculsive loot. Right now getting deeds is already a lottery ticket, once you get them there is no point in doing them. Allow me to elaborate. If you do the challenging recruit deeds you get loot that will become irrelevant afterwards. Deeds only become useful once you reach max power. I believe giving players some exclusive loot, or hats will be far more engaging and rewarding. It will give players an actual reason to do deeds and complete them.

Also remember to check out the other threads that I have linked, lots of good feedback on steam and on reddit.

Warning slightly, but only tiny bit, salty comment below. I got really angry this time. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:

I dont like this: :point_down:

This picture is actually from Legendary Skittergate (before “fix-fix” nonetheless :sunglasses: )
But I will talk about my last Legendary run, I had just now, that made me make this salty post.

We went legendary The War Camp.
Noone died, we didnt have to rescue anyone.
Pretty balanced run, we didnt have to carry anyone, everyone did nice damage, had good amount of kills and very low damage taken.

  • We got all tomes, all grims, full run. When we reached boss he didnt get to make a single attack, perma stunned (You are welcome :sunglasses: - SIr Old Kruber). :white_check_mark:
  • We even got Loot Die (:money_mouth_face: :cuba: ). :white_check_mark:
  • We even got Sack Rat :rat::moneybag: but no die this time. :skaven:

What else do you want us to do? We finished this mission on 100% S+ Rank. We got 2 objectives that are purely based on luck. Some people will never even get close to this.

And what we got? Not even full bar, seriously that RaNaldGeesus was like 2mm.
Just wait till I tell you the rest, after that I open the box and get 1 blue item, 1 green and Deed of Valor for Champion difficulty with 1 chest as a reward. Those 2 items were 270-290 power level, thank you very much Ranald when I have all items 300 power level.

So we went perfect mission, completed on highest possible difficulty, boss mission nonetheless, collected all items, got even lucky and we cant even get best reward, and even if you get it there is still RNG where you dont even get useful item, not to mention red or cosmetic.
Thank you but no :no_good_woman:.

Meanwhile in V1 there was still RNG, even more actually as the special dice you got still didnt guarantee better reward.
But I completed Nightmare/Cataclysm run and at least saw :eyes: there is red waiting for me. And if you were super lucky :four_leaf_clover:. You could roll on that red with basic dice.

Meanwhile in our universe :v2: it is actually much better to run Veteran difficulty :clipboard::

  • No FF
  • No difficulty
  • Tons of items everywhere
  • You can solo it with level 10 character if you want
  • Everyone can split and run solo and just rush for tomes, grims
  • We can complete several Veteran runs in the time it takes us to finish one legendary
  • Champion has FF

And when you complete 2-3 Veteran runs instead of Legendary, you can get Commendation chest that can drop you even cosmetic items. :trophy:
Its just … I dont know what it is, but it definitely isnt good and I dont like it :-1:.

PS: This happened at least 100 times, during my 130± :timer_clock: hours. Not even mentioning how many times I got completely :poop: useless items from Emperors Vault. And every time you have to spend 20 minutes watching post game screen where they recount how much XP you got, while you dont even know how much XP you need for next level, and then you have to watch some boring animation of random bars filling up just so Ranald can completely ignore you in the end, those grims and tomes could give different values every time for all I care. And you cant skip any of this.
Id like to add small detail here, I have only 130 hours, but when our whole premade gets online, we run only Legendary runs, with almost no wipes, so while my game time is short, I have probably completed more runs than other people with my playtime.

I dont mind the loot system in general but Id like to see a lot more loot. Quite frankly Id rather have each hero use fewer weapons but with much more variety in models. Id like to see at least a couple of armor skins per career as well. I realize this is very unlikely, but yea… thats my wish as far as the loot system is concerned.