The Limited Loot System will be the Downfall of Vermintide

I like this game, I like it a lot. However, by the time you get to the end of the game of completing every map on Legendary, you begin to realize there is nothing to work for but Achievements.

You can’t have a very strict and limited loot system in a game that requires the players to play the same maps over and over while they have nothing to work at. Players like goals, even if they are goals they set for themselves. While some people are ok with just trying to max every hero and acievement, a lot like to hunt.

But what are we hunting for exactly when every slot is already a Vet item with the properties we want for that character build?

Take a tip from a really old game you might have heard of called Diablo 2. :wink:

Fun game though.


Loot isn’t the thing to aim for in this game, it’s more a means to an end. The end being first to have fun playing, and second to improve your own skills. Player skills are far more significant in playing well than any equipment, and improving personal skills is the most important way of surviving and completing higher difficulties. The loot is there to support your own skills and to facilitate different builds and playstyles.

If you need built-in incentives to keep playing, this isn’t the game for you, at least in the long term. If, on the other hand, you can find entertainment in just playing, trying different stuff and seeing your own skills improve (and they will, noticeably), then you’ll find a lot of fun here.


Yeah well the end is never coming with this ungodly rng, and it needs a fix.


Which is heavily tied to loot, though.


Really? Loot is not the end, its about skill and learning different playstyles?

Please… What rubbish. The game is limited in many ways. There are mainly 3 builds. Single target, Wave clear, or Hybrid. Too much of one thing and your team will fail on legend. This game is not hard to figure out. I completed legendary like it was nothing.

I am already bored, not because of the combat system or Rng in the game, but because I was hoping to hunt for more than just a limited selection of cosmetic stuff which seems way harder to find than vet items.

If you find yourself having fun after maxing loot on this game, you have not been playing games for very long in your life could be entertained with keys being jingled above your head.

Playing the same maps over and over is only fun because of 2 reasons. Rng on spawn, which is a good thing, and not knowing how well the players on your team will play. But at the end, your reward was, yay, more salvage because your loot is maxed. :confused:

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Also, it would be nice to mix up the limited items in the maps.

More than 2 types of bombs would be cool.

The potions arnt bad, but even they feel limited.

Healing is fine, but it would be cool if there were different strength potions or maybe other types of healing.

The point is that it would be nice for the team to actually have to make harder choices on how to use these items.

Maybe a shock grenade to stun a group? Or perhaps a one time use Artifact of immortality for 5 seconds for your team? How about Gravity bomb that sucks all the enemies?

I feel like this game was rushed without any type of “Hey, you know what would be cool to add???!” quality.


So fun in video games didn’t exist before Diablo popularized the loot grind in '96?

Got it. I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

Edit: Troll got me. +1 for using pseudo psychology.


Actually its true. Once you played Mario or doom over and over, you got bored.

It was not until the Diablo 2 loot system that introduced the Era of gear grinding, and the Moba genre that allowed no skill cielings that players found incredible end game content.

Mmos too. They had to add raids and the same type of gear to hunt for, just to keep players playing.

Doing the same thing over and over and over for no reward gets boring.


I have seen the rise of the new generation that knows nothing of gaming. A lot have not experienced enough to know that there is more than just the same redundant thing over and over that the corporations are tricking you into so they can ‘not try’ while making tons of cash.

Now, to be fair, V2 was not $60 or even $30. But that is because they knew this game was not up to snuff. I get it. Low budget game for a quick buck. But come on, why arnt these companies even trying anymore?

The 90’s were about quality and money came 2nd. Now its all about the money while sacrificing quality and manipulating the new generations into thinking they have quality because of good graphics.

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Also, if what you said was true, people would still be playing pong, minesweeper, and basic board games non stop as if it’s world of warcraft.

But its not true, and this is why the majority, if not nearly all, want to play and progress at goals rather than playing through a linear game once and then restarting 9000 times to play the same adventure over and over with no difference.

They arnt robots, they are humans who get bored of the same crap and want difference and goals. They have an IQ above a toddler.

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Lol, so glad you’re here to put on your elitist “back in my day” hat and explain to all of us how we should be having fun and playing games.

News flash, different things are fun for different folks, I and many other people find this game fun for the gameplay and combat, and while loot is cool it’s not my focus. Because of that I’m having a blast every time I play, when I get reds or cosmetics it’s a nice bonus, but overall not that big of deal.

And here I am, still playing the game, and genuinely having fun. If you’re bored, bummer, but trying to tell the people who are having fun they’re “doing it wrong” is just ridiculous.


I used to be like that. Said the same stuff to others as well, until I realized what a load of crap it was.

Unless the game adds more content quickly or makes changes, I highly doubt, no 100% doubt you will be playing this game even a month from now.

Unless you are somehow that 1 guy who plays mario brothers so much and are the 0.1% (Which he was only entertained by the idea of breaking a world record), you will not be playing this game much longer after you realize there is nothing left but playing the combat system over and over and over and over and over, where your brain is no longer entertained by anything different or new.

Sorry, but in other words, you are full of crap.

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Lol… wow.

And I’m sorry that you’ve apparently lost the ability to enjoy anything in life for more than a fleeting second. Press F to pay respects!

I can prove it to you without much effort.

Going by your logic, Diablo 2 would of never needed the loot system they had. When Diablo 3 was release,d thats exactly what they did. They took out the advanced loot system and made it 100% controlled and basic. It was a disaster and total failure. Not only did they get rid of the entire Money auction house, they had to redo the entire loot system and open it back up to be similar to Diablo 2.

But why? Don’t players just like playing the same linear maps and killing the same bosses over and over? No… They dont. Oh but the monsters and some encounters are RANDOM! That should of made it last! No… it was not even close to enough to be considered fun.

The game design and loot system was so bad that they ended up replacing the head of design and basically rebuilding the entire game over time until it became what it is today.

Players overall don’t like linear things with no goals or any feel of hunting for things. They like to feel rewarded and feel like what they are doing ‘means’ something.

Even in V2, you cant even use ‘skill’ as an excuse as a goal because event hat has a quick ceiling you hit. This game is fun. But not long term fun by any means.

So no, you are wrong. You may be simple, but majority of humans are not.


No one is talking about Diablo except you. Vermintide is a very different game.

The main complaint people have about the loot system in vermintide 2 is that it isn’t like the loot system in vermintide 1, which was… wait for it… Simpler, and more controlled.

Left4Dead 1 and 2 must have been total failures that everyone stopped playing a few months after release then. Except they were smashing successes that still have a lot of players many years later… hmm…

*you overall don’t like

For most players, this skill ceiling doesn’t get hit “soon.” Usually hundreds of hours. And even then, there’s still plenty of room to improve, and great mods to make the game more challenging.

Being simple has nothing to do with it. I enjoy complex games (loot grindy or otherwise) and have sunk plenty of time into them as well. I’m also able to enjoy a game like vermintide for a sustained amount of time, something you’re apparently incapable of doing. If anything, I’m the complex and well rounded individual, while you’re incapable of enjoying anything that falls outside your narrow and arbitrary definition of “fun” .


i find it hilarious that you are bashing the new generation of gamers while actually trying to promote deliberate addictive game loop designs, which is actually the mark of modern gaming - you know why? because back in the 90s, they didn’t have multiplayer, most games were singleplayer linear adventures, and the great classics tried to scale gear to match progress with the story and levels.

i’m just doing a simple google search ‘top pc games’ and here’s the list:
rainbow 6 siege
rocket league
League of Legends
Battlefield 1
Vermintide 2 (yay)
Assassins Creed

the list can go on and on. tell me, how many of these games have an endless loot cycle to hunt for better and better loot? it’s a rhetorical question: half of these don’t even have a loot system like d2 (which for some reason seems to be your yardstick for comparing any game)

you must have totally missed the whole counterstrike phase that swept the globe, droves and droves of people just playing de_dust over and over again (i got bored, but for some reason hundreds of thousands of other people didn’t)

no, you’re making a gross generalisation here. you seem to believe that all people are the same and they all have similar goals when playing games. there’s a reason why there’s a diverse selection of game genres (tip: it’s because different people have fun playing different types of games) would you ever play “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”? i bet you would never touch it because it’s not in your definition of ‘fun’, (neither would i). and yet this game has garnered $71.8 million dollars in revenue last year. isn’t that interesting? how something that isn’t fun for you, is fun for others?

imo, you have a very narrow minded view of what people find fun. if you are done playing vermintide, move on to the next game. you’re even attacking vermintide’s loot system which wasn’t even supposed to be the point of the game (l4d2 had no persistent loot at all and is still being played to this day)

team fails on legend because of bad positioning/pacing of advancing/method of responding to threats, less to do with loadouts. but if you were truly a player that carried all your legend games you would know that already.

heh. i’m very sure you’re one of those guys in my games that come in, think they know everything, screw up the run, blames other players then leaves.

maybe you need to spend a bit more time on earth, lol.

look dude, you’re telling other people how they should be having fun. bottomline that’s just gonna get you a lot of flak. criticising the loot system is fine but you’re not being objective about it.


Only because somebody doesn’t share youre opinion it doesn’t mean they are wrong, especially if it is something subjectiv like why you enjoy a game.
I play a lot of games only because of the gameplay mechanic and the challenge they provide.
V2 is a game with a high skill cealing that will always be challenging no mather how long you play it.
Of course loot can spice things up and in some games loot plays a very important role.
V2 is not that kind of game in my opinion.
Even if i fought every enemy a thousand times there will still be situations where i struggle and when i pass these situations it will still be a nice feeling, like for you when you open a loot box.
What’s wrong with that?

I can tell you, as soon as a game is not challenge anymore and the gameplay stops entertaining me, no loot system in the world will make me play it for one more day.

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heh. funny you should bring that up…

Coles wins international wine competition with $6 bottle

i’m happy with my $6 bottle thank you very much.


You could just play the game for fun…


O wise ancient one, please do tell, how old am I?

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