[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch - Hotfix


Update #39 is a small hotfix which resolves one of our more prominent crashes, as well as laying the groundwork for things to come.

Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to network timeouts. This happened most frequently at the end of a mission, before presenting the end of mission screen.
  • We are currently working on changes to crafting and salvaging of Veteran/Red items. This version disables the option of salvaging Veteran/Red items, to prepare for coming updates.

Tchoo tchoo, I’m on the “Good job” train (terrible name I know)

Can’t wait for the actual beta update, in a few weeks

Don´t do more mistakes… i beg you FS…
Have you seen this new thread?

I wanted to comment this, but i saw your hotfix - information now.
So let´s talk about a lot of “cries/wishes” and what you´ve done.

This game don´t have that big content. You had 13 repetitive maps, a bunch of red´s and cosmetics in the past. Red´s were really rare and something special. So the ppl start to cry “i got no red, my friends got red´s”. You “fixed” that problem with a higher droprate.
The ppl started to complain about duplicates after 2 weeks and wished a red dust - crafting - system. Ok that seems entitled so far, but what if the higher droprate killed the playerbase and a red crafting system will kill it again?

Like you see in my linked thread above, a lot of ppl play to get some rewards. If you´ve played 500h and got no or just 1 red… that was unrewarding. Duplicates are unrewarding too. So a lot of ppl left the game. What will happen if the rest is able to craft their missing red´s with the 300 duplicates in 1000h gametime?
They don´t have a goal left then and just a bunch of ppl play this game for fun only.

This system is a big mistake again in my eyes. You should´ve separate red´s into 2 sections. The red´s with skins only and a good droprate / red´s with skins + maxrolls with a decent droprate.
Or you may should´ve gone the way like diablo. So that ppl are not able to roll more than 1 stat. So they´ve to farm the same weapon over and over again to get their perfect stats.

Just please please think about it. If you give the option to craft red´s out of duplicates, you´ll fulfill the wishes of ppl with 500+ / 1000+h gametime. That seems ok, but you´ll kill another aspect, “what make it worth to grind”.
The most ppl left games like vermintide or diablo at the moment, they got their max - equip. / lvl. As long as ppl have a goal (get that red xbow, get that 1 cosmetic, etc.) they´ll continue to play. If they can get all trhough crafting with 24701974 mats they already have on the bench, they´ll finish this goal.

This game got no ranking, no “paragon - lvl”, no endless difficulties or completely randomized maps. Some challenges are straigt up bugged or nearly unbeatable ( the pit contains both ). The normal quests are even runners. So what do the most ppl do? Hoping for their last red´s and cosmetics. Cosmetics we contain from strongboxes and red´s you´ll present us on a silver tray.

I don know that robably 99% of all forum members don´t share a lot of my thoughts and i do know, that you FS just want to return your mistakes and fulfill the wishes of the community.

But really… i beg you so hard… think about what you want to do. My last discussion was with @SmokerT69, because he wanted all strongboxes quite fast / based on the players gametime. I told him the same…
He is a player, who is able to play this game for fun, just because he loces it. I play this game for fun too.
99% of the playerbase play games for loot, to mess with other ppl, to feel special and to get rewarded.
My GF started to play legend recently and got her first red. “Yey my first red, we can play it more often now to get more etc.” She didn´t even wanted to try legend before, but lvl 30/ a decent build and the first red changed her mind from “too hard” to “cool”.
She is 1 of the 99% and if you´ll give her the option to craft her missing red´s, she´ll leave. That´s a 100% promise. She might play some couple of games because of me, but that´s all.

I don´t say you should ignore your community, but think about what they wanted in the past, what you did for them and how they reacted.
This game can be much better in many ways, but as long as you follow those wishes of the community, you´ll kill it slowly.

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hotfix kappa krappa

TL;DR I and many other disagree with you. Your analysis isn’t the only valid one.

Crafting reds won’t give everyone complete collections overnight. Currently people are playing about 1500 hours to complete their collections, a number which is borderline unhealthy for a game that came out in March. There’s a lot of room to find a middle ground. And reds aren’t the only “loot” motivations in the game. People were happy to look to complete their VT1 hat collections and they’re happy to work to complete their VT2 cosmetic collections.

Trying to make the game “worth playing” indefinitely by awarding Reds on a purely RNG basis (with duplicates!) only makes sense if there are no alternatives. This game has plenty of alternatives. At the same time Reds aren’t merely pretty. They make endgame challenges and theory-crafting much less frustrating, making the game much more enjoyable in the long-term. Bring on the new system.


Sigmar forbid people actually have “fun”… :roll_eyes:


Yeah but it´s definately a step in the wrong direction. And ppl with 50+ duplicates will probably get their missing stuff.

That´s why they already complain about 26 weeks for all DLC - cosmetics / skins? Wow…


Yes a real better overall system, but unfortunately it´s too late.

I saw ONE person complaining about it, I, for myself, was thinking about “What the f* will happen when I got all Bogenhafen skin ? What weekly will turn into ?”

Sooo yeah, not trying to put my opinion first here, just make you notice that we all have different fears about this game, and same goes for different playstyle. Playing for fun, playing for completition, playing to max out power, there ARE a lot of alternatives. If you think the only purpose of this game is to get reds, than it’s just that you aren’t interessed in the other alternative. That’s fine, and you’re certainely not alone in that case, but that’s not 100% of the community :stuck_out_tongue:

I don´t think that, but that´s part of an already “small” game and it´s obviously what FS tries to change right now. If they would´ve wrote “we´ll have a cash shop in 1 month and all skins will be in there and not in the game”, i would arque about that.
This game lacks on content and in every way FS goes like “drag´n drop something… press “craft” and GG”, the content is going to be less than before.

And as i said… i play for fun only… but the most players all over the world, need goals / farm / rewards…

Heroic Deeds, New Deeds systems, Mods, New Difficulties, Achievements, Keep Customization, Dailies & Weeklies, etc.

There are many current and future options for endgame motivation outside of “get all the reds”.


Will give you chests with red´s / cosmetics.

Endgame - Motivation???

Maybe… Maybe not…

For chests with red´s and cosmetics?

Maybe… Maybe not… and when their just for Challengers and not everyone

This all is

  1. nothing for now… we talk about now and what already happened and every player, who need something to grind / some reward, needs those red´s and cosmetics to keep on playing.

  2. something you might wish, but only the keep decoration is maybe a thing in the future. That´s something we can mention now, but is it in the game? NO!

I say it again… maybe you and other guys here are fine with that. Maybe you and other ppl are here to play for fun (includes me).
But do you really think, ppl without 2374989834798h and love to this game in some way, signed up here?

I know a lot of ppl complaining day after day about no stuff to grind, no content, just bugs etc. That´s pathetic. At the moment FS let us craft the last things we´re able to farm, players will lose their last goal in this game.
“Oh wow i got my last red yeah!!!”… 3 games later…“Hmm… what now? It´s the same over and over again and i won´t get anything “new”… Next Game pls!”

Just think about it overall. The 20 ppl here are not the whole playerbase, which sit silent in the background as long as they get new stuff in chests. As long as ppl maybe want that full max geared specced super sheet red dual daggers, they´ll play their elf until the game says bye… But if they got it???

A game like Destiny 2 fall down harder and faster than V2, just because everyone got everything in 1 week.

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There’s really not much shatfark can do outside of more cosmetics and more challenges. This just isn’t the sort of game that supports long term play where you are motivated by a specific reward. It’s seemingly designed from the ground up to eventually seed out everyone who only wants the shiny glowy stuff - what with how worthless that shiny glowy stuff is, and how miniscule the cosmetic rewards are. We’re still in the stage where these people remain, but a couple more Shadows over Bogenhafen, and they’ll quit.

The devs didn’t design it to last more than 50-100 hours for an average, involved player. The MMO-like hooks are apparently just there for the small chance that a munchkin actually realizes at some point that they enjoy the actual gameplay loop, and not just the worthless rewards. Whether that’s a good way of doing this is up for discussion.

But honestly, if you want the game to last forever, you’re gonna be disappointed. This is not a game that will have tens of thousands of players… well… ever again. Even if fatfish never utterly and completely failed back at launch, it’d still stand true. I may want to call them plain incompetent, but, as I said above: the only logical conclusion I get from looking at how the endgame works is that it’s an illusion of your average variety muh grind ebick loot!!!, which actually lacks any way to satisfyingly grind said ebick loot (which isn’t ebick at all and is in fact boring as hell). An illusion that is there in hopes that at some point the MUH ENDGAME I NEED ALL THE REDS munchkins will slowly transition into other kinds of players and stick with the game.

And I mean, can you imagine bloatedsardine maintaining a game for an audience of 10k+ active players? Managing a community that hardly gets to a 3k peak on Steam is more their league. Not everything has to be… uh… whatever’s an online game that’s popular right now. Fortnite, Weeb Hunter World, I don’t know.


What is this “beta update” you speak of?

It would be nice to have more maps, weapons, characters and character skills

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He’s just on his loop mod
“The game is bad”
“It’s unfinished”
“We need all of this”
“It’s all Fatshark fault”

While I do agree with him on some point, he definitively doesn’t know how to kindly communicate his opinion


What has been discussed and confirmed is a red dust system. Such a system is based on red dust and you would have to scrap actual red items to be able to craft a new red, so it’s not really like handing out free reds, just making use of the ones that are never used (for players with plenty of duplicates and plenty of red accessories).


You don´t get it… I bet everyone in this forum has tons of duplicates, so yeah these are free missing red´s.

Next to this… everytime any game offers “craft this, craft that” it´ll lack more and more of content. There could´ve been tons of ways to get red´s, but crafting is the last one we need. They´ll spend man - power for a bad design we already got with oranges, instead of creating something new and better.

btw yeah… it got discussed from that insane community… wow…

They’re releasing a beta update this week, genius. This is why this is called a hotfix, it’s so people don’t assume it’s the bigger update. It’ll be on the beta branch. This week. Later. I’m not calling the game a beta. It’s more of a very late alpha, really.

It’s funny how some people here use any excuse to vent about how mean shatfark’s critics are being even when it makes no sense to do so in context.

Fatfish are horrible at doing anything the way they say they’re going to do it, so I’m implying that they’ll be unable to even hold to this deadline.

Try to see some sense in what I’m saying before you get your panties in a twist over seeing someone who doesn’t give the devs the respect they don’t deserve.


Ok, my bad on this point.

The whole rest of your post is your usual bark so I’m not gonna comment it.
Except maybe

They’re a freakin humans, even when failing at your job you still deserve respect.

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