Enough... I'm out

Horrible drop rates for this challenging difficulty?.. (150h in game, 100+ Legendary Vaults in variety levels and ONLY 1 red and 1 cosmetic?..) Just no… No…
You even cant compansate with re-rolls because of green dust absence…
I think I will take a break till this mess get cleared…
Listen I really liked game but this is the most brutal grind fest that I have ever seen. And I LIKE grinding… But this is so much even for me…
I hope game can survive…


I’d recommend taking a break from consistent play and just doing a few rounds a night with some friends, games much more enjoyable that way, though its a shame it doesn’t really reward consistent play at the moment and ends up just being frustrating.


Green dust is a real problem… blue items should give us geeen and blue dust.


K bye.


These drop rates are the #1 concern of the community right now, so the devs are obliged to fix it at some point.


i can agree, the foundation is their and they have the game play but the game itself needs alot of tweaks. on the bright side they are coming out with patches every week so i assume it wont take very long to fix alot of the problems this game has as the developer is fully focused on these things. i would recommend to check up on the game every once in a while and especially the forums here to check the lastest patches as they might have fixed the things you want fixed sooner then you think.

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With higher rates youd be having ‘Ive got all the stuff. Im out.’ posts by now.


I hope they can do something about it my friend but this is not the only problem…
There is NO balance in nowhere in this game… (Careers, weapons, ranged, melee…)
I really wish this game released 6 months later…

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You are right my friend…
I’m trusting too those hard working developers…



Gee, if only there were some number between 1% and 99%


No, there is in fact a lot of balance in the game. You’re just mad you can’t pick any class and get top kills and all those sweet green circles on the scoreboard.


You’re pretty lucky to get 1 red and 1 cosmetic in that many runs actually.

It is sad in V2 I already have over half the time I played on V1, but in V1 I ended up with just over half the reds and in V2 I have 1.

Still enjoying the game with recent changes but come on. Give me something to show for my time played other than “Warrior’s Handgun” illusion.


lol sounds like you got lucky with drops tbh


Youd be having the posts with 2%. People play obsessively.

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with everything that could use some tweaks and adjustments, this is what people choose to focus on. and they do it while kicking and screaming about how they just want to get their shinies so they can quit, as it’s the only thing they’re still playing for.


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Personally I like playing for fun but I wanna look cool when I do it! Minus getting all reds or cosmetics im sitting at 100% completion for v1 and v2, it won’t stop me playing but the fact I don’t have cool swag makes me sad :frowning:


Just take a break man… maybe work on a resume… go outside for a bit… enjoy nature… play games for fun… normal stuff


You are kidding right?..

“balance” doesn’t mean you can pick any class and expect the same amount of kills.
balance means that classes that are strong in one thing are weak in another, and a different class is weak in the one and strong in the other, and together they make a good team comp.
Like Sienna is good dps but very squishy and bad melee. But Bardin is good tank and survivability. this is balance.
some of the classes have bugged skill or work best in certain team comps. this is fine. people complaining that “sienna/kerillian steal all my kills how can I compete” aren’t looking at this game the right way.
there are other games that would make them happier

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