Feedback for Fatshark and not for the game

So Fatshark… i already gave you my feedback about the game, let´s talk about your work now.

I read so many posts here and on steam. So many players and the most poeple are upset.

  • No dedicated servers
  • No red drops
  • No green dust
  • No cosmetics
  • No Feedback to the Community
  • Every Fix brought more Bugs
  • etc.

Sometimes i feel, i´m the only Core-Gamer on the World, that plays a game for fun. This game is a lot of fun and I beg you Fatshark, just do your work. Take your time and make this game great. Ignore that whole poeple , which only cry about the game and got no patience.
Those poeple will probably leave your game so or so. So please take your time and make this game greater than it is right now.

For real… nobody needs green dust, nobody needs red items, nobody needs cosmetics, nobody needs servers and so on…


THANKS FATSHARK for that great game for a low price. The gaming-industry changed so much, but this is the first game the last couple years, which makes me feel like 22 years ago. There was the first time i played Videogames and i played endless Super Mario World on the SNES. There wasn´t that much content and nothing to grind, but it was fun to play and i became better and better and better.
Vermintide 1 and 2 give me the same feeling and if i could help you, to make this game better and better, i would do it instantly.

Just another time to say… Thank you


Pssst… FS needs customers… Ignoring valid concerns is not a prudent business strategy.


What if I need green dust to actually try out different things and have fun with the game? What if green dust makes it fun for ME? What then?


Play recruit/veteran or open chests on a low level char?

Where is the reason to cry everyday for green dust? That lack of 1% attack speed or something else, which isn´t max roll, won´t effect that much. This game is still about skill.

There was a time, games were designed and never changed.

It sounds like you haven’t maxed all your characters yet. Otherwise you’d understand there isn’t sufficient green dust to allow much of any experimentation. Having RNG determine your character’s potency relative to another player’s character isn’t fun. Also, people find doing speed runs for dust skull$&@#ingly boring because it’s a tedious, empty grind with no challenge, just for a dice roll. Have you actually tried speed running for dust? It’s neither effective nor productive relative to the time investment.

Telling FS to ignore the throngs of dissatisfied customers isn’t helping FS.


Fun is subjective

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I have two chars at 30, one 20 and two at 17, and I’m sitting on 234 green dust. All characters have full oranges, (haven’t found a red yet) and the weapons didn’t take too many re-rolls. I crafted a lot of weapons at first, then mostly used the Upgrade Item for the weapons, and maybe re-rolled 2-5 times each. I keep seeing posts about people with literally zero green dust and think “wtf”

I’ve had a lot of fun with this game, much more than a lot of full-priced titles. If FS releases any kind of content update relatively soon, it will be a sweet surprise, but for now, I’m happy with what I’ve played.

Yeah you’re not yet close to being able to understand the frustration of people who have every class leveled. Pretty soon, you simply aren’t going to get green dust anymore. While leveling, you get maybe ~500 or so then it just stops.

For example, I marathoned the game yesterday and got 7 green dust, total. I had 59 green stocked up gradually over the last few weeks so I decided to try to get a roll I needed on a red item. I now have zero green again and did not achieve the roll. And that was on a red. Trying for a roll on an exotic can consume hundreds of greens. None of us can even properly gear a lot of classes without making major concessions. Unless you’re extremely lucky, just heading one class power character to your preference is going to zero your greens out.

You’ll see what I mean when you finish leveling your classes. Endgame is fundamentally broken right now.


I rolled a lot and was near this Problem. Andr i still played Legend , opened commendation Chests ans got Green dust.

What if youre Full of green dust? What if you got all Max rolls? Would you Play any further, with nothing to Grind?

Y i dont have got all Chars on Max level, but all got 300 equip with the Stats i want. I still got a bunch of green dust and a lot of Chests to Open.

Like i told Up here. The most ppl just Play for loot and cry, if they don’t get it. Yes not everyone is playing for Fun, the most ppl need a Goal. But what if you got all lvl 30 chars and Max rolls and tons of green dust? Do you leave? Or do you cry After 100 hours of gaming,that this Game got no Content? Or do you still Play and enjoy this Game , just because it is like it is…

Its just tragic that the most Players Today, Rush any games, just want loot as fast as they can have it, find an issue and kills their own fun with permanently crys. Then run to the next game and do the same thing there.

At the end nobody have some good words left for the developer, just because of the 1 issue or not much endgame content. Nobody cares about hte 100 hours fun for a low price then. Fatshark did and do a good job here. If your minds are full of greed for something, you won´t be happy in any game.

You get many more commendation chests while leveling and chests you open have a far greater chance of dropping greens when you’re lower level. When you’re level 30, greens are rare.

People aren’t complaining about loot, they’re complaining about how it’s effectively impossible for them to even experiment with different builds once they have everything at 30. If a player “wasted” green dust while leveling (ie. Used the crafting system how it’s intended), they can actually be pretty much completely @$&#ed if they use up their green dust before they realize greens just stop coming altogether.

You fundamentally misunderstand the entire situation and you are, in the literal sense, ignorant as to the source of people’s criticisms because you’re still getting greens from leveling. Talk to us when you have everything leveled… You won’t be getting greens anymore. You currently simply have zero grasp whatsoever as to what people are taking about with this. The fact you would even suggest speed runs when you yourself have never had to do them on account of not having everything leveled makes your entire argument irrelevant and shitpost-y.

Stop conflating people expecting fundamentally endgame mechanics to function properly with greed. It’s asinine. Aspects of the game being fun does not give FS carte blanche to allow the entire end game progression and experimentation system to be completely non-functional and people are rightly upset by the major fundamental flaws in the games endgame fundamentals. Also, arguing that RNG is an acceptable means of artificially padding the length of a game is self-loathing.


Well, too bad OP don’t understand one simple problem- RNG. For example. I need to roll crit on melee weapon for more reliable swift slaying/resourceful combatant procs and 7.5%+ vs skaven/chaos/etc for some breakpoints, and sometimes I see what I want in a few rolls, but sometimes I don’t see needed stat combo at all using 50+ dusts. And I don’t mean “poor % rolled”, I leterally mean that on some weapons I can’t roll stats that I want at all.

If OP is a lucky guy and he doesn’t need green dust I’m happy, but not all of us are so lucky, that’s how RNG works.


It took me over 200 dust once to get a single item acceptably done.

Just i already said, i play nearly legend only and don´t level my other chars. I get my green stuff from lvl 30+ chests and upgraded all my stuff for the twinks with it.

And yeah it´s RNG. So why do you guys still playing, if your not happy with it? I wouldn´t play a game, if i´m just angry about it.

You don´t understand, that you got a problem and probably being upset because of a lil issue. I mean yeah, it´s your problem and not mine, but crying won´t help in any way. And that´s just a facepalm - mind, which forces you to quit the game.

If you play this game with 5 chars and mostly the same gear for the next 1000 hours… do you still run out of green dust? I think not.

RNG, but still. 500+ green dust, everyone 30, every weapon for every char with 75%+ rolls, half of weapons have another copy with another 75%+ rolls, same with other items. And I spend much for the rolls, sometimes 100, sometimes 200. Pretty strange RNG at all, I would say. The problem is, that something tells people these stats are really matter. Yes, some chars have breakpoints, but not every, not at every way. And the ones who crying about reds and props, I’m sure, will leave the game very soon when get what they want. I can fully understand that many people need a target to play, a reason which he can see, not just feel (“reds” compare with “player’s skill” for example). I know what I’m talking about, I dropped way too much games due lack of goal which I can see. But, mostly, V2 isn’t about rolls and reds. Making every 30 was a pain, because some characts are too bad for me, but now, I playing every diff. without any problems. And I really want to belive, that “green dust” problem isn’t so easy to fix, because we all see game’s engine and see, that it’s obviously not so good.

Then you’re very lucky or are accepting very sub-par stats. You don’t understand that just because you don’t have a problem doesn’t mean that other people are as obscenely lucky or willing to accept combinations they don’t really want.


You’ll always lose more people to poor design like this than you will to people playing the game to fruition. Hence the dramatic exodus of the player base coinciding with a sudden spike in negative steam reviews as more and more players reached endgame to discover a complete dog’s breakfast of ill-advised progression mechanics.


Such dangerous way of thinking, without a solid playerbase a game like this will disappear, it’s a coop game after all. Right now the core gameplay might be fun but it was advertised as a lot more than a jump in jump out rat slayer; if you’re going to add player progression you have to ensure its working beyond being a gimmick. Especially if the game is meant to be balanced around said gimmick.


Honestly, I don’t remember any “endgame mechanics” whithin V1. Stats and breakdowns are matter only in legendary diff., every another can be completed without them, so max. stats are gameplay-viable only there. Right now, exist bigger problems than this. I spent 300 hours in V2, and now I feel that I need a bit of rest out of here. Yes, maybe it’s poor design, that game looks like RPG in some way, but, good or not, V2 got too much popularity than it can take. I know few people IRL who still saying that it’s L4D with swords. I know that game needs changes, but creating topics “need green dust, need red items” isn’t a way to get these changes. Devs know about it enough. I can’t say I have much faith in devs last years, but I’m sure, these ones will fix it, they just need time.

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It lacked at the start but for me the mission board fixes the endgame in v1. Also the crafting system as much as people criticise it actually let you get the stats you wanted at the percentages you wanted even with rng…in this game you can quadruple your v1 hours and still lack the feeling of reaching some goals or having goals to begin with. Deed system fails big time in accomplishing “goals” because the reward alone feels meager and the modifiers and loot are too mindlessly generated and random (including reward)

What still annoys me despite my faith in Fatshark is the arrogance of seemingly ignoring past successes and expecting to do better from scratch without taking inspiration from good systems they pushed in the past to build on further. Much of this is attributed to the lack of communication to players however.


In V1, though, the crafting system means endgame progression is never an issue and players have control over their builds. No one complains about how hard it is to get reds there as a result. Also, the contract board provides a fun endgame task that keeps people coming back. The main reason people care about reds here is the same reason they keep bringing up green dust, ie. because you can’t experiment with builds on exotics due to the pure rng system combined with insufficient dust.

I hope you’re right that they’ll fix it. The response from the devs thus far on the issues people are most concerned about though hasn’t done much to keep player morale up.

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