GREEN DUST (Yet another post)

First off before someone comments and says that FS is aware… I KNOW THEY ARE AWARE. But clearly I am getting tired of coming up with great build ideas but not being able to do anything about them. So maybe yet another post about green dust will remind FS that they need to fix this major endgame issue ASAP. Was very disappointed to see nothing about green dust in the recent 19 gb patch.

FS, you have already lost an insane number of players. Do not lose more (like myself) by stifling the game.

P.S. - It is infuriating to see you fixing all of the cheesey stuff (like the Skittergate cheeses) but having no fixes that we actually NEED.


I dont agree with that. They should fix game breaking things like exactly what you mentioned. What they shouldnt give priority to however is F2 intro cinematic skip, because it was not malicious. Well, outside of popping some snowflakes’ game immersion.

Apart from that, fully agree on green dust. Fatshark clearly has no idea how important it is for the longevity of their game.

I think my friend is also tired of listening to me complaing about all those ideas for character builds and setups i think might be fun that want to try but i can’t because i have all characters at 30 and don’t want to run easy, boring, low difficulty book-less runs just at a chance of rerolling some items.


FS are aware.

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Before they introduce a fix so the game is actually fully playable they should look out for some more anticheat or balance that kills a few careers.
Performance is okish and some careers are still usefull. Also the game only crashes a few times a day. Thats not what I expect from a Fatshark game.

Idk, my FPS is very inconsistent after “optimization” - can be 90, can be 40. And least I am not getting freezes or crashes, like some other people do, and my game still launches without a problem as well.

I saw all those posts about green dust but didn’t ever come across this problem myself. For 300 hours I got all orange weapons with various properties and still have 400+ green dust and 800 blue. Well, I see the problem, but barely understand how you spent all the dusts…

You played 300 hrs, how many hrs did you spend running recruit/vet? That may be the answer, some people started to run full books champ/leg a lot earlier then others, so it’s not about “how did I spend so many green dust?” coz some people didn’t have this numbers of green dust you are talkin about.

But, unfortunately, there are very small percentage of players playing leg only, and most of playerbase will never even try it, so, they’ll never understand this issues, or stupid RNG with red drop and dupes (I have a friend I’m playing with and he got 3 reds while I have 17, and 11 of this 17 reds are dupes :man_facepalming: ), so FS knows about this issues, but they just don’t care about it, no matter how stupid and frustrating it is.

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I couldn’t tell you in exact numbers, but I started to play champion early. I get green dust eventualy from not so succesfull runs on chanmpion and legend and from levelUp chests. Sure it’s amount is much much lower.
I expiriensed much more troubles with scrap and orange dust in the midgame. But this things is much easier to grid.

The problem with green dust is that we love this game!

We want to play all the classes, all the weapons, all the talents, in order to kill rats in a hundred different ways. We want to play maximizing each class, looking for that combination that allows you to kill an enemy with one less blow, that combination that allows you to destroy rats without stopping, and enjoy the countless hours that Fatshark has spent designing this incredible game.

But we can not because we do not have the damn green dust. It’s stupid.

It’s likely that you play 1 or 2 characters and don’t like to experiments with different setups. I play all characters using all weapons, that at least somewhat viable from time to time, and I have decent properties only on about 1/3 of them. 400 hours.

400 green dust equals to rolling properties for 8 weapons, and a character has 11 weapons on average, so that’s not even enough to fully pack one, not even Sienna or Victor. And you might wanna have different weapons with different properties and traits for different careers and builds.


And they clearly couldn’t care less…

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Wrong. Sure I have my favourites. But, for example, I have various trinkets combinations for different situations. And some of them I don’t even rolled. Items just drop and I leave them as is if they have high % and sutable properties. Same with weapons.

OMG what are this numbers? If RNG goes bad I can spent maximum for 10-20 to get desired properties, not only if you are getting curious about some specific %'s. So for 400 dust I can reroll 40-20 weopons and be happy with it.

Once again - I see that the green dust exceeds much quickier. But I find ways to solve it. Craft system in this game is poor. But if you would have infinate green (like blue) dust, all resources will lost it’s meaning in general.

Your entire argument is that you’re either ridiculously lucky compared to other players or you’re not at all discerning. Not a good argument, in either case.


It’s not about luck it’s about common sense. I play a lot, I like to experiment but for sure I am not comparing breakpoints like +5% and +5.5% vs skaven. I play for fun. If I got properties on my 2h hammer like +4.0 attack speed and +8.0% vs chaos / infantry, then I will not reroll it, cause it fit’s me well and takes not much time and dust. Cause I don’t like to hold that button and i can clearly see that resources not infinate.

You might experience this problem if you are keen to something special or, I dont know, writing a guide.

This is IMHO. My friends don’t expirience this problem too, but they almost not rerolling things. That’s not an argument for sure.

This numbers come from going to university and finishing probability theory class, boy.

But if you’re happy with 4% attack speed + anything, then yes, 16 dust is more than enough for one reroll for you.

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Unfortunatly, your 8% chaos gives you almost nothing in terms of cleave/stagger breakpoint, it just gives you a little more dmg, and to reach certain breakpoints you need 9,5%+ vs chaos/infantry. On onther weapons numbers are different, but still, there is a common situation when 0,5% means 1 less hit to kill certain enemy, or cleave/stagger trough 1 more enemy.

Oh-hoh. Here comes your self superiority feelings. How can you even say words like that to someone you don’t know, boy? Lol.

That’s why I got trinket + another chaos property. With that lucky red drop I got 4 or 5 red trinkets with different properties combinations like +armor/+chaos or +chaos/+skaven and so on. I have stoped reroll trinkets long ago.


That’s simple: if your studied math, you wouldn’t ask that question. Also probably, you would have behaved better, instead of spamming OMG. So these feelings are well-deserved.

Though, sadly, I don’t experience them. Just don’t like rude people.

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Gratz you with your red charms, I’m happy for you, but it’s not the point of our discussion. I was literally trying to say that VT2 is not like World of Warcraft, where 15% damage means roughly 15% dps. But VT2 is the game of breakpoints, on different weapons 15% damage can mean +100% effective dps, if you can 1-shot some creep instead of 2-shoting it, or can mean nothing on the other weapon. That’s why we use tonns of green dust to get this breakepoins, and not everyone is so lucky to get 4 red charms.