Green Dust for the Masses!

I understand that FS is busy. I totally get that. But this green dust issue is incredibly frustrating and driving players to leave the game. Please please please either fix it or at least give all players a healthy lump (like maybe 300) of green dust in the meantime until you can fix it.

Doing nothing at all is not very helpful. I think we are owed a little extra green dust anyway since many of us wasted ours trying to reroll for power properties without realizing that the power system was broken at the time… Plus, clearly this green dust requirement for rerolls was a bad idea so it would be nice if we could get some compensation (with lots of green dust).


Thanks! That is great news! Would it not make more sense for the higher rarity dust to give even more of the lower rarity dust though? For example, 1 blue dust would give 2 green, etc.

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You get so much of the higher tier dust with the system that it would just be too much. Potential 6 blue dust per chest.

I see the logic though.

Hope you’re looking forward to holding down the left mousebutton to convert blue dust to green dust, just like when you salvage, at a 1x1 exchange rate for a lower quality dust, it seems. Naturally we don’t know, but we’ll see.


I’m not.

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