Greens dust is too rare later in the game

It’s difficult re-roll traits on weapons as you get better at the game, because you end up with almost always blues and rare greens. I myself have nearly 200 blue dust and somewhere around 40 green dust, and that green dust was farmed while leveling alt characters on veteran. I fear what things will be like when I’ve leveled all characters, I’ll have a massive green dust shortage unless I go to a lower difficulty to farm! As a suggestion maybe just have two types of dust- blue and orange. It could cost 2 blue to re-roll a trait instead of 1 green and 1 blue. Now that the dust is combined, both green and blue weapons will “drop” blue dust with maybe blue weapons dropping more.

Devs alredy said that they’ll fix that soon.

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Can you give me a link? I couldn’t find that information before I posted, but if I see that is true I will remove this post.

Can’t find exact post (they’re posting hard in forum, glad for it), but they told that they working on this case.
I think there would be some kind of dust exchange

Hey no worries, I couldn’t find it either. I would feel more comfortable leaving this post up in hopes it is seen and valued as a priority, considering I haven’t seen confirmation via developer that it is at the moment.

I’ve found it!

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Thanks for the help. I’ll be removing this post.

This. I hope devs will really fix it soon. I have hundreds of blue dust, more than 100 of orange dust at least and only 90 Green Dust because on Champ and Legend (especially General and Emp chests) you see 99% of time oranges and sometimes blue.

I don’t reroll properties anymore because well… I don’t want to waste green dust before I get my first red item.

I hope for dust exchange soon. Glad to hear (I hope it’s true) that devs already working on it.