Crafting materials problem - Green Dust

One of the few things that really spoils the game at higher levels is how rare Green Dust is and what you have to do to obtain it.
Currently I have about 300 blue dust and 0 Green dust and I still need more to roll my items.
The problem is, to gain Green Dust you have to salvage green items, which are nonexistant when you get General’s/Emperor’s chests for most of normal pub runs. In order to gain them you need to intentionally get worse chests which is not fun grind at all. Or mass craft items for salvage, but you still get blue items more often than green.
There are some simple solutions which should not be too hard to implement, please consider doing them soon, here we go.

  1. Allow getting Green dust from Blue/Orange items. As Green dust description suggests - it’s salvagable from uncommon items or higher, so why don’t do that?
  2. Reducing/Increasing quility of dust. More difficut to do, but still good feature. Allowing us to make Blue dsut from Orange and Green from blue and other way arond would be nice feature.
  3. Getting dust for failed runs, like we did in first game irrc?

Maybe there are other good things to come up with, but first seems to be the best at this moment.


You could go for speedruns and dont take any (or only one) tome / grim. This way you end up with tier 1-3 chest in the end which contains mostly white and green items, maybe one blue.

But I really like the idea to alter dust (e.g. 1 blue = 5 green)!

First suggestion seems good, also is crafting dust itself. Others seem to actually make it worse by rewarding bad games?

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1 blue for 2 green would be sufficient.


This. Classic and simple

Yep. 100% agree the lack of Green is a problem.


There’s a conversion system in the works, stated by dev in one of all these threads.

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Yep. Was in one of the other “green dust” threads.

Wow after all the crap posts actually a good one again!
I agree players should not be forced to play “bad” at the game to get the rare green dust its kinda strange!

Suggestion: Get rid of green dust alltogether. Make green weapons drop less blue dust, make blue weapons drop more blue dust.

Link to the post, please. Thanks.

So… Any updates? That was over a month ago, is that going to be fixed soon? I really hope they make a way to exchange higher tier dust for lower tier. Grinding Veteran runs is a boring way to play the game.