Solution to green dust problem via blueprint+idea for fix 595 power problem

So, 1st. Let us have blueprint of dust. For example to amke 1orange du, you need 3 blue dusts. 1 blue=4 green. 1 green=2 pieces. Or something like that.
2nd. Add “power upgrade” in crafting for equipment. And resources will be weapon’s and jewlary parts. Because Formula of power on items is (all char lvls)/5)+(randon from +10 to -5), so many people will have 295 powrr items even with all char reach 30 lvl. This addition should fix problem without messing ariund with formula.

Why so complicated?

The best solution for the green dust problem, would be to include the every dust when salvaging higher items. Green dust in green items, blue and green dust in blue items and blue, green and orange dust in orange and red items.

Its pretty common, to get only orange items in general and emperors chest on legend, so we certainly dont want to have the green dust problem switch to a blue dust problem eventually. It should always be rewarding to get the highest chests in the game and dust is part of progression and variety in this game.

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I think a lack green dust in end game gives a small incentive for players to go to lower levels and help newcomers out.

It’s more of an issue than that. We all love helping people out, but even running low level stuff takes forever to acquire enough green dust to roll properties you want. For example, I just spent 100 green dust rolling a trinket to what I wanted. That’s an insane amount of recruit carries. All they need to do is allow us to convert blue/orange to green.

Or the green and blue dust crafting values could be rejigged. So to support a currency like system, where red is 100 blue, and blue is 100 green. And all your dust is pooled and breaks it’s self up for your needed use case. No need for green drops or blue drops for late game…

The bile troll should vomit green dust directly into your face and whatever you can catch in your mouth by pressing T at the right time you get at the end of the level.

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The best solution for this problem would be removing green dust cost for rerolling for a month. But increasing green dust amount to blue dust for everyone would also work out.

What I am saying, is that green dust problem has to be retroactive. As for future fix, there is couple dozen different options, but it doesn’t matter that much which is going to be implemented tbf.

Also: 1, 2, 3, 4 and paragraph 1.1 here.

Not really. When I still had the motivation to play lower levels for dust, I’d exclusively speedrun with bots, so they’d help me bring down a troll or stormfiend faster in case it appeared and placed a wall. Playing on super easy isn’t very fun so you want to get it over with asap.

Why not just turn green and blue dust in to magic powder and add them up?

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I don’t think we need 2 separate dust types only for rerolling. One dust for stat rolls and another one for traits seems like a way to go for me.
And the amount of that rerolling dust you get would increase with rarity of the item.

Green dust - rerolls trait #1
Blue dust - rerolls trait #2

Now both of them have separate value.

To bring things into parity, just set everybody’s green dust to be the same as their number of blue dust, if their blue dust is higher. Add a weight factor to the salvage that the further one dust is away from another, the higher the multiplier applied to the amount of the lower dust gained.

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