Amount of green dust is too low

So, i’ve run many runs now and the amount of green dust is way, WAY to low. Currently I have somewhere around 150 blue, 20 orange and 0 green… it really sucks having to run recruit runs just to farm low level dust… this has to be changed in some way.

Hah, I’m having the opposite problem (did a lot of recruit runs), but I think if we had a way to convert blue or green dust to generic scrap it’d help a lot, since then you could just craft stuff and use the extra scrap to upgrade it to green, THEN scrap that for green dust.

Granted, that’s a convoluted way to convert blue to green, but it’d be flexible enough. The rate you use blue/green dust assumes you get a roughly equal amount of each, which simply isn’t the case, so you WILL have a lot more of one than the other, with nothing to do with the excess.


We’re looking to implement a way to solve this, most likely some kind of exchange system.

Thanks for reporting on the issue.

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Awesome, thanks for the respons.