Green dust, still a massive design flaw with NO fix in sight

It is to me quite unbelievable that after all this time that there is no fix for the regressive design related to weapon properties. How many has not pointed this out? At what point was it decided that using dust quality for low level and lower difficulties would be sustainable for those who pursue the tougher difficulties? The supposed end game. Have you no foresight?

What could the reasoning possibly have been?

I’m dead tired of playing with the same properties for weeks with zero opportunity for experimentation unless I drag myself through braindead, low difficulty runs with high level characters - and I’m far from the only one.



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You talking rly about the Green Dust for Crafting???
To less items??

ok True, Blue Exist most… but for what you need so many Greeen???

Rerolling weapon properties.

I am as of right now, sitting on 700+ blue dust and 400+ orange dust.

How many green?

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aaah reroll is seee, okay
so you reroll a lot XD
you Playe like all Heros? and differen Builds?

i got atm 440 Green, 800Blue 95Orange
But i Play atm just Dwarf with one Build

Best is like, Transform 1 Blue to 2 Green or so…

simple: this wasn’t the focus of the patch. 1.0.8 is for game stability. we’re all impatient about some changes which ought to have been introduced already, but seems they have their hands full trying to fix stuff. green dust is a QoL thing, the ugly workaround is to farm on lower difficulties, so since there’s a way around it, maybe it’s lower on the priority list.

that’s my 2 cents on the matter anyway. small company, not enough time to fix the huge amount of issues. still an awesome game.

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I just clicked to UPDATE button and come to forums…
After I saw this post I clicked to uninstalled directly without hesitation…
Good job FatShark…

EDIT: I clicked to UNINSTALL immediately right after see this TITLE… Before reading what’s inside…
EDIT #2: And probably I will even delete forum BOOKMARK from my list after I get enough INSULTS from FatShark apologists…

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How much they are paying for this JOB?..

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I have given up my hope to have green dust by this point.

They give them broken patches once a week. :smile:


I guess there’s bigger issues to solve instead of catering to the few people who od’d on green dust.

The root of the problem is Fatshark taking their crafting and stepping backwards rather than progressing and improving what they already had. A lot of my frustration certainly comes from that, as it appears every lesson taught by V1 was tossed out the window, disregarded completely.

Why can’t I use orange dust to reroll both properties and traits? I’m drowning in it. Why must one choose to stick with what you have or farm lower difficulties endlessly till you have enough green dust to roll for traits and combinations you want to try? If you play Legend exclusively, you’re getting so few greens you’re bound to run out, especially if you play more than one character.

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But those people are the ones that play the most, the most hardcore and potentially the most loyal also. We aren’t talking about a hard to implement solution, and there have been many suggestions about it. I know they have acknowledged it, but if they are waiting for 1.1, I feel that much playerbase has been lost during the process.

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Until a more permanant fix can be put in place, FS, just give us green dust for completing champ/leg missions, or a few when we open the chests afterward. Not like its gonna break the game if we get some green dust. FEED THE STARVING legendary players Fatshark, and replace it later w/ whatever your cooking up atm :smiley:

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Someon, I think @Revy, had a better solution - remove green dust cost from rerolling until the problem is fixed.


Commendation chests have a few green in them.

Sometimes I always craft some greens to get some green dusts by salvaging them.

I’m doing okay. I don’t have alot of greens (20 atm) but I am managing. I just stick the rerolling red items so I conserve as much green as possible until a green dust feature is implemented.

Hold on bro, you’re not alone!


oh wow yea i need dust too, it just isnt available. been like this forever.


Just hire a couple of students to farm it for you.

Update: Anyone, who doesn’t get my reply, watch this post.