Fatshark has no plans to fix green dust problem :(

According to the 4/20 stream they have talked about it but have no plans to fix it currently. So I have no endgame stuff to do. You know, like upgrading gear…let alone testing gear. I was HOPING this would be something of a priority. I really enjoy a lot about this game. I can’t get over playing for days and making no progress though. So, I guess I’m done with v2 for now. GLHF all ^_^.


C ya round bye :wave:

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gg wp

I dunno but this kind of posts strike me always like

“When it dont get fixed, like, yesterday i’m quitting ! …but i wont … maybe a day”

doenst make much sense to me but, well, cya \o


see you tomorrow


with really the only way to get green dust is to endlessly farm recruit and give the boxes to a lower lvl character its so mind numbing and boring that the game has become a reason for me to me to just stand their and be like “what is the point of doing this if im not having fun… at all…” so i ran legendary to have fun but because of all the green dust farming i cant even find legendary fun as im burnt out AND
1: im not getting any green dust so my inventory keeps building up stock that i already have hundreds of
2: not getting reds because the chance is so low even if i get a emporrers chest.
3: the game is still REALLY buggy
4: massive difficulty spikes and hords during a boss battle
5: the amount of toxic people in this community is overwhelming and their is nothing you can do if that toxic person is host other then leave and you still have a chance of joining that person AGAIN!
6: mobs can stack inside each other and can one shot you like 6 chaos warriors inside one another making an invincible boss.
7: and cosmetics are part of RNG and not part of a challenge so its almost impossible to get unless you are lucky and they have a lower drop rate then reds so good luck.


you do have endgame stuff to do, its called farming for gear to upgrade gear to test gear

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More accurately, I think, they have a fix (or several potential fixes) but they’re not rolling out any fixes out at the moment without checking them over very carefully to avoid introducing new bugs and glitches.

In the stream they acknowledged (for like the 4th/5th time) that they are aware of the issue and agree that it’s problematic. That says to me that they’ll likely fix it, but I guess it’s open to interpretation?


Correct Ribbot. We’re aware, just looking in to the options, we have other stuff higher prio right now but this is still on our hit list.


riot? SMOrc

break em down, craft, break that down, craft, break em down, craft.

voila, green dust.

This will give you how many, 20 green dust?


It’s tedious to the point any reasonable person recognizes it’s not effective.


I’m curious about the reasoning of removing loss-rewards entirely (Sure you get some exp but more often than not this doesn’t give you any green dust either from the crates you get. Those should be reserved for meaningful things anyway, like more blue dust.)

People have been complaining about tomes/grims for a while, and while I disagree with all of them I do sort of wish with the removal of loss-rewards, that this game supported some minor dust-rewards for the effort of getting tomes/grims.

With you changing up the crafting system that was ultimately just fine in comparison in VT1 with the bountyboard and last-stand, and the many classes/subclasses, it kind of makes sense to free up the crafting system a bit by properly rewarding players and allowing them to experiment to the fullest potential to create more builds.


Unbelievable we’re still here.

Since this post was created, I’ve not changed any weapon properties for my main heroes because I cannot rely on getting a reasonable setup with the few green dust I have. ( A massive 7 dust, as of right now)

Why is it taking so long, or seemingly so hard to fix a fundamental flaw in the crafting system? It is hurting the end game for players who reach it and potentially will remain faithful players, every passing day.


I just hope it’s not DLC. Not because it’s scummy, but because it’s gonna kill the game.

I doubt it’s about DLC, though. My idea, FS devs just want to make an new crafting system at once, skipping any fixes. Why? Cause programmers are generally idealists, and don’t like workarounds in general… though in reality code usually ends up compiled purely of workarounds, cause of deadlines. But at least it gets released!

God bless deadlines!


I agree, while so many problems are present and they prioritize paid DLC?
People are not going to look favorably upon it, myself included.

The lack of foresight about green dust is UNBELIEVABLE to me, with how much Fatshark has spoken about challenges and difficulty. I guess they really are swedish after all.


It’s pretty clear — by the fact that the DLC isn’t out, FS have been working on and releasing patches nonstop, and they’ve announced the free content patch (which will include at least official mod support, a slew of cosmetics, and a whole new quest system) will be out before the first DLC — that FS in no way has prioritized DLC over anything.


I agree. I have so many reds I got recently and no green dust. Why they would put this on the back burner is beyond me.