Fatshark, green dust conversion is way more important than you might think to us

Re-rolling properties on items is one of the three major things that keep people playing, the other two being grinding for veteran and cosmetic items and challenge/fun just playing the game.

Grinding reds and hats is frustrating, to say the least, even after the buffed drop chances. And yes, challenge/fun is a factor for me aswell, but its way less of an incentive to play than the other two.

I can tell from my personal experience that the severe lack of green dust, especially now after the 1.0.5 changes has put my will to play the game to a halt. There are alot of things I want to experiment with, using power vs x, crit power etc to see if I can reach certain HP thresholds, and I really enjoy doing that. But I cant, since there is no green dust to do it. My lowest level character is 20, and I refuse to grind recruit as that is causing even more burnout.

So please fatshark, if it isnt already, make green dust conversion and possibly crafting system/drop adjustments the top priority, or you will continue to hemmorhage players at an alarming rate.


I agree with you, and I’m pretty sure they know… Green dust issue has several of its own threads and comes up in every crafting-related thread too.

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but it is actually their trick to keep u playing more! muaha

ive got over 400 green dust, just need some reds to re roll now!

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500 blue dust 0 green dust



How many threads do we have to write for fatshark to do something?

It certainly is taking its time, probably wont see anything happen untill DLC drops.

Which is pretty bad.

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