Green Dust Deficit - Possible Solution

Remember how in VT1, you got crafting materials when you failed runs but made some progress? I didn’t longer than I’d like to admit.

Given how there is a severe green dust shortage at high-level play, I propose the following: if you fail a run, you recieve dust, but with a caveat - the higher the difficulty, the higher quality dust you get, but with the possibility to choose between the highest quality for that level or higher quantities of lower-quality dust if applicable.

I envisage the system like this:

Recruit: You get nothing (or maybe just a bit of Green, or even extra XP)
Veteran: Green Dust
Champion: Green (more) or Blue (less) Dust
Legend: Green (considerable), Blue (some) or Orange (a little) Dust

What do you think?

FS already acknowledged this issue. We will likely see an option to convert materials in the future.

I love this idea. Not even as a fix for the situation, I hope they implement this regardless. I really liked getting the crafting materials after a failed run, every little bit helps.

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