"Green Dust" shortage and farm for VETERAN equipment DILEMMA

I think there is something wrong with the material system or at least something absent…
I’m getting “0” green items and re-rolls requiring “Green Dust”…
This is causing dilemma on progression… What FS thinking?.. What must I do?.. Farm for (In the hopes of getting a useless one.) Veteran equipment on Legendary Difficulty with full book runs or must I farm(?!?) Recruit Difficulty while trying to avoid collect books by HABIT in the boredom hell without enjoy?..
Simple solution; give us “Material Exchange System”…


i cant point you to the devpost but this has been discussed a fair amount and is considered a known issue that will be addressed, i would assume some kind of dust exchange but have no solid info on that or when to expect it.

Thank you very much for the information my friend.

Until they come up with a dust-exchange-solution you can just speedrun recruit / veteran maps and only get 1-2 tomes max. This will net you a merchant / soldier box where greens are pretty common.

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Yea pal I know I can get them that way but playing on these difficulties are not enjoying…
Thank you anyway…

you can also keep a character at level 8-9 and craft items when you reach the point you have spare scrap. they usually end up being greens

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Yeah hoping for a 2:1 exchange in an upcoming patch. Having to gimmick it with keeping a lower level character or playing a difficulty that is now trivial for you is not really a fix.

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Are you sure that will work my friend?