Green Dust farming is a nightmare

I am loosing motivtaion to play V2, only because of this. Farming green dust is a tedious nightmare, i am speedrunning Screaming Bell with Handmaiden on recruit and its still not efficient enough. Even after several hours, i dont get to 100 dust, which is at risk of wasting it on one red item to get the specific properties i want anyway. Playing the other maps and getting higher chests for possible reds is also not an option anymore, since i need to farm green dust again, to have the possibility to change my playstyle via rerolling properties. Items have a lot more impact in this game, but my progression basically stopped and that is frustrating.

This is a huge bummer and obviously a failed design, i cant imagine that Fatshark would have wanted to let us farm maps without books to get a specific ressource. So i guess i will stop playing Vermintide, until this problem gets fixed.


They are working on an exchange system for dust. Kind of a FYI but I don’t know how far they’ve come with it.

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Yup, green dust basically doesn’t exist when all your characters are max level. You basically have to farm Peasants-Soldiers chests to get a solid amount at that point - and nobody wants to do that.

Here’s a tip for now - keep one of your characters low level (5-12) and open all chests you get on them, if you’re desperate for some green dust.

Or just wait for a loot exchange system and save all your chests until then :slight_smile:

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remove green dust, it has no place existing in the first place.


I’m really surprised at how long this is taking. I would like to reroll and try a lot of things since the 1.0.5 changes but it’s a bit hard to do with 0 green dust.


Just gief exchange or remove it as this good man says.

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Same, it’s frustrating. I’m not out of green dust but I’m down to the low 20s so it won’t be long :frowning:

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i craft. that was my way to sustain green drug. the product of my craft was like…an orange after…let s say 10 fail that contained enough green dust to craft the higfh lvl gear i wanted.
i would say approximatively on 10 craft: 4 green, 5blue, 1 white (where is the orange then?..let s say it s n.11 craft)
in comparaison i have 3-4 time more useless blue. so still a problem.
and crafting was also a way to increase hero power and made sense as you get rid of trash, get scrap, get rid of scrap…

Read my previous response.

@Fatshark, how much longer do we have to wait for solve this problem? We’ve been here a long time waiting.


I don’t see why everyone is whining about this.

I’m sitting on 367 Green, 407 Blue, and 63 Orange dust. ( )

All I see are people who roll their properties on ever single weapon / trinket they pick up…

You’ll be lucky to even max out a few items and get two sub-classes near maxed out in your chosen traits with that amount of green dust.

Honestly, how did this system even pass through alpha/beta/whatever.

It’s a complete roadblock in progression and enjoyment. Who thought it would be acceptable to think players would be okay with hitting “end-game” and then having to farm recruit a hundred or more times to progress/diversify their characters?


Because some us strated play Champ and Legend faster and kept there. Whats the point of playing Veteran? Also at some point when you try to min-max your gear and you keep playing Legend you will run out of Green.

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out of greens as well.

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I swapped to champ as soon as our group hit the required hero power. But I don’t try to max/min orange items, it’s a waste of resources, which has made me have 200 greens 780 blue and 150 orange.

I’ve near perfect gear for all classes except Kruber. And now I’m just waiting for more veteran items.

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Been there. Will soon all be gone.


It’s because people are obsessed with maximizing things to what is likely an unhealthy degree. If people were happy with 80%+ rolls and treated higher as a long term goal it wouldn’t be an issue. But instead people reroll needlessly hundreds of times to get an exactly perfect roll of the two traits they want on every item.

4% attack speed vs 5% attack speed isn’t even a noticeable difference for example. 8% power vs 10% literally doesn’t matter almost any if you are already hitting the new kill/stagger thresholds. etc.

Ironically with the increased rate of red drops, the current dust amount might be ok. People are actually getting reds now from what I know so you’ll need to reroll much less for reds. A conversion system would be a nice addition, but I think most of the issue is caused by people’s expectations being a bit out of whack.

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Disagree, I already have maxes 4 sets of orange weapons and few jewelery because I was rerolling it. Now I have all jewelery reds so not point but I still have none my fav red weapons apart from 2h hammer so my maxed rolled orange weapons are really good.