The current loot system needs an overhaul

Currently, to re-roll properties, you need 1 green dust and 1 blue dust. This system is, in my opinion, unsustainable. I play only legend, with 3 tomes and mostly 2 grims (I might lose one grim when someone dies). Therefor, the lowest chest I get is a soldiers vault. I just dont see any green items. How am I supposed to re-roll my items?

Currently, I personally just dont re-roll properties. My friends either keep a low level char, just to open chests/craft items, or speed run screaming bell on recruit to get a commoners chest and hope to get green item out of them.

Neither of these options are fun, and neither should be needed. Either allow us to downgrade blue dust into green dust, even at a 2/1 exchange rate, or change the item crafting to the way it was in Vermintide 1, where orange items needed only blue dust to re-roll/unlock properties.

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I think the loot system is amazing and fun.

Let one Char be around lvl 8 and let him open the boxes and you will get greens and blues… :wink:

This can not be the intended solution by FatShark. Also, I already leveled every character past lvl 8 (4 are 30, saltz is 28)

The loot system is fun for sure, having to run lower difficulty for mats or maintain a low level character (out of 5 classes thus cutting yourself from enjoying another way to play) just shouldn’t be a thing.

A guaranteed green dust and blue dust on orange and red quality items as well as scaling mats depending on the quality of the item would go a long way into solving that problem.

Or just give us the option to convert dust from orange to blue to green.

The loot system is so good. I only got 3 red Necklaces!

Remove green dust (which does nothing in itself), give us a combined green and blue dust (bleen dust for all I care), make green weapons smelting give less, blue weapons more.