Re-rolling properties is a total hot mess

I do like the crafting system; it’s an element of randomness, but you can still improve the things you craft. It’s a bit costly to do it, but it’s manageable and gives you something to work for.

But when it comes to getting and re-rolling properties, it’s a hot pile of poo, if you ask me.
I’m pretty sure they decided it to be this way so the players get something to strive for and not to get the perfect gear in less than a day, but as it is now it’s more frustrating and annoying than even the slightest way of fun.

First, you spend hundreds of green and blue dust, and hundreds of minutes clicking on the re-roll button, (and you keep running out of green dust while the blue dust just stacks up more and more).
When you finally get the two properties you want, they have poor percentage so you keep re-rolling, spending another hundred dust, wishing for those two properties to appear again, and hopefully not with even lower percentage than you got before.


Suggestion 1 - Add the option to improve existing properties.
It can be very expensive, for example 20 green / 20 blue dust for 0.1% improvement or something; it will take a long time to max it out, but you know you will eventually do it.


Suggestion 2 - Being able to choose if you want to take the new properties or keep the ones that you had.
Often I settle with the properties that I want, but with too low percentages. It’s good, but not good enough. If I want to take a chance to get them better it will take a long time and a lot or resources to finally get those two again with better percentages, and I’d prefer to have the correct properties at low levels than two wrong properties.


Suggestion 3 - Being able to convert blue dust to green dust, or substitute green dust with more blue.
Playing on Recruit or Veteran over and over, just to get green items to salvage feels very counter productive and tedious, instead of continuing to play on Champion and Legendary and having more fun while doing it.
Normally it costs 1 green and 1 dust, but if you have no green dust it could instead cost 3 blue. You’d be able to lower the ever-increasing blue pile, and you don’t have to “lower your standards” by going back to playing on Recruit just for green gear.


I’m still not sure why we need both green and blue to re-roll properties.
Why not green to re-roll green weapons (1 property), and blue to re-roll the rest (2 properties).
Being able to choose to accept the new properties or keep the old ones was present in VT1 but not VT2. You could also reroll the values of the properties (traits in VT1) at a lesser cost. Perhaps it should be something like:

  • Blue dust: reroll properties. (choose to keep, or swap)
  • Green dust: reroll property values. (only improve values, do nothing if rolled lower %)

Wait, wait. Hold up. I haven’t quite gotten to 300 power yet so I haven’t bothered rolling anything yet, but… YOU CAN’T CHOOSE TO KEEP THE OLD PROPERTIES WHEN RE-ROLLING? Why in the bloody flaming hell not? As you said you very, very much could do that in Vermintide 1.

I thought it was awful enough when I realized you couldn’t re-roll the values, but you HAVE to take whatever new properties it gives you? F*%& that. F@$& that so hard.


agree b$llsh#t need to have a way to reroll the values

That is correct. You get what you get, no regrets.
When you reroll you get two random properties with random percentages, and no option to keep the ones you had.

When you press that button it’s all up to Ranald what you get.
You keep pressing that re-roll until you’re satisfied, give up or run out of green dust (usually it’s the two latter).

You haven’t played Vermintide 1 by the looks of it. Your suggestions would make reds irrelevant just as they were in Vermintide 1. It’s the way it is by design and will stay this way for this very reason.

But we do need to be able to roll without green dust - the current mechanic basically penalizes people that play “too well”.

Or do the reroll button instant. They prob made it so you dont click it by accident… but we have to hold 50, 60, 70 times per item… which takes half a day, you could add a lock next to it, you first have to unlock the button… theres your safety and we keep our sanity rerolling stats.

Guess what. You can also roll into exactly what you already have right now. Both on properties and traits. 10 heroic interventions in a row is sure fun to see.


Lol. The game is telling you to intervene heroically man.

I have played Vermintide 1. I had most of the reds there, but like you said, most of them weren’t good enough to use over the orange ones that you could “design” yourself.
I still haven’t seen a single red in V2 yet, so I cannot compare with how they work here. The reds in V1 often had trait combinations that I didn’t find good enough for my play style.

I can totally understand this. But can you change the reds in any way? Change properties and traits or are they fully static like in V1?
If they’re completely fixed, with no option to modify them, I personally wouldn’t be as interested in them.

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Having put 100+ hours in, I support both of these ideas fully.

Suggestion 1 - Add the option to improve existing properties.
It can be very expensive, for example 20 green / 20 blue dust for 0.1% improvement or something; it will take a long time to max it out, but you know you will eventually do it.

This however defeats the purpose of an RNG system AND you’d not stop the complaints. You’d have maxed out trinkets, charms, and necklaces basically the insant you hit 300 power items unless you squandered an excessive amount of dust. I’ve gone through hundreds of each dust type in my 100 hours. Depending on how many classes you play you might also have maxed weapons the moment you hit power level 300.

Yet Ironically people would still complain it’s too grindy and ask for more dust or cheaper improvements.

You can reroll reds just as you can oranges. At the same cost. The difference is the properties are always at max value. No differences when it comes to traits.

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Ok, that clarifies and justifies a whole lot. Thanks!

Can you also apply illusions to the reds? Those I’ve seen pictures of are not to my liking…

I have more of an issue with traits never actually rerolling on the first “reroll” as in you always have to reroll an item twice to change ita original trait, the first is always a dud.

You can get a red weapon without ANY illusion… but you can also remove the red weapon’s “glow” illusion when you get such, store it and apply any illusion you want onto the “naked” red weapon - did so myself.

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